2 Tips to Register or Transfer the Domain Name

Now putting .blogspot.com or .wordpress.com will only tarnish the name of your project. You can consider the domain transfer. And at what price? A good quality domain can be purchased for 1 dollar, with Hostgator, which is one of the best hosting companies in the World. So, forget about laziness and fear; with such a low investment, you should bet on a professional domain.

Think termination

Another important and fundamental point that goes by the point of how to choose a good domain name for a blog is its termination. Called TLD, it refers to what comes after the name, i.e.: .com, .org, .net, among others.

There are dozens of other endings available, in addition to international ones that we can also access. However, not all of them are interesting to use! For example, having a blog about dogs and registering with final co.uk does not match.

You have two options, which according to the King of Income, are interesting:

  • Bet on the famous, that is, always stay on .com, .net and .org! So you will be with what works very well and everyone knows it. This is the biggest plus point: visitors get confused less! The first domain that comes to our mind is .com.pk, so it is the first one we have tested.
  • Combine with the subject, that is, get endings that refer to the niche. An example is art.pk, which was created for art, so if you have one of this subject, you can benefit from this “exclusivity”, leaving your blog with a more “artistic” air. Get your domain transfer here.

Do not copy already existing names

Wanting to enjoy the fame of another blog and creating your own with the same name will not help you at all! Do not think about creating a likeness either, because the chances of failure are much higher.

It is worth remembering that trademarks are entitled on the use of the name, so you cannot legally enter the same wave, that is, open a blog “coca-cola.art.pk” to go through the company or to leverage your project.

Be unique, think great and, above all, prize for what is correct!