2 Types of Court-Mandated Classes



When people are ordered by a judge to complete a mandatory course, such as John school or anger management, it can be an intimidating process for them. However, if you’ve never been in that kind of trouble with the law before, you might be curious about the kind of classes offenders might have to take. Here are two of them.

To be angry is completely normal. No matter how poised or gracious you happen to be, there will be times when things can get on your anxiety, so you react. However, what is not actually normal is the place you’re creating a tough time to control your intense emotion. Worse, you end up hurting yourself or other people. Your anger becomes destructive.

John School

John school is the common name for the course people, mainly men, are sentenced to complete when they are caught soliciting prostitution. In a John school diversion program, pupils are taught about the danger associated with prostitution, such as potential sex trafficking, creating unhealthy relationships, and coping with sex addiction. The goal of classes like this is to reduce the overall amount of prostitution throughout the country because it is an unsafe service in many ways, both for the consumer and the seller.

Anger Management

While not always court-mandated, anger management classes are a tool that some judges use to rehabilitate violent offenders. Many people with violent anger issues do not realize that they have those issues, so they would never intentionally check themselves into an anger management class unless they are required to by law. Anger management classes typically last for about six months, or 26 sessions, but depending on the nature of the offense and the harshness of the judge, it can take longer. The goal of these classes is to build a better world full of less violent people, whether they need a court mandate to check themselves in or not.

These are not the only classes mandated by courts, but they are some of the most common. If you think that you might need to check yourself into an anger management course, professionals will strongly encourage you to do so. It’s better to be safe and control an issue that you might not have then to regret it later.

There are some anger management techniques you’ll be able to help your son or daughter learn. Teach them to chill and rid yourself of their bad feelings. Anger can be a way of self-expression and is also sometimes a child’s means of declaring independence. Many things can trigger a child’s anger, and often it feels right aggression.