3 Beautiful Places to Visit In and Around Medan

Medan is a cultural heart, culinary heaven, and a fantastic gateway to many natural hidden gems on the island. Its surrounding regions are just as worth exploring. The land is not only having lush greenery and cerulean lakes, but they’re also home to several underrated natural wonders.

Thus, if you’re trying to find an escape place with scenic areas that will refresh your senses and rejuvenate your mind, soul, and body, Medan is where to go. To get started, here is a list of 3 beautiful places to visit in and around Medan.

  1. Sibolangit Waterfall

Sibolangit Waterfall is not like any other waterfalls. It is a 100-meter waterfall with a shade of greyish-white, and its plunge pool is a sparkling emerald blue. That an unusual phenomenon where two different colors exist at the same time makes this waterfall exceptional! Take a pic from a rocky cliff. The scenery is simply breathtaking. The water can be somewhat cold, but if you’re the for the game, you can dive right into it!

Additionally, you can eat at the numerous food stalls located along the paths while taking in the gorgeous surroundings. Don’t forget to bring proper, sturdy footwear when you’re coming here. The rocky grounds can get slick! Be sure to go out early, too: it’s a two-hour drive from central Medan into Durin Siru Gun, a village close to the waterfall, and the next two hours of trekking to reach the waterfall grounds.

  1. Tinggi Raja White Crater

Familiar with all the famous Pamukkale white pools in Turkey? These glorious white “snow” terraces emerge due to hot water flowing across the limestone steps in the region, which have then cooled and hardened. It is not feasible to swim here because the temperature of the water is simply too hot. Nevertheless, it’s well worth a trip to explore this scenic place!

We recommend visiting during weekday mornings, where you’ll find lesser crowds and more freedom to take as many photographs as you’d like. Additionally, it is a 4-hour drive away from Medan, so be sure to start your trip early.

  1. Gunung Sibayak

Indonesia has many active volcanoes, and Gunung Sibayak is one of them. The volcano, boasting a summit of 6,870 feet, is situated north of Berastagi, a small town roughly 2 hours drive away from central Medan — in between Medan and Lake Toba. The most accessible trekking course must take you three hours at most — and once you’re there, you’ll have to view the scenic heart-shaped volcanic crater lake and the clouds of crystalline sulfur floating over it.

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