3 Types of Truck Driving Jobs


Truck driving has become a popular career in recent years. With the rise in online shopping, more trucks are needed now than ever to transport goods across the country. Food trucks are needed to bring produce and other products from the source to distributors. There are many types of trucking jobs available, but some of the most common types are log trucks, food trucks and general transport trucks.

A trucker logbook is like a legal diary that makes up about every minute of every day. Though many drivers see the regulation as being a hassle as well as a waste of time, in fact the book can rapidly become your closest friend. A truck drivers’ professionalism is usually judged with the neatness and accuracy of the book. DOT officers and also the process of law know you’re taking your truck driving job seriously for those who have a clean logbook that is certainly legibly written with clean, neat lines. Below are some useful logbook tips that will assist you fulfill the DOT compliance and pass a DOT inspection.

Log Trucks

Logging is a profitable business for many people, and once timber is cut, log truck drivers are needed to get it to the mills. This requires a skilled driver who can work on less-than-ideal logging roads. Log truck drivers tend to have more consistent hours than other truck drivers, though, which is an advantage of the job. They are able to work locally more often than other drivers. 

Food Trucks

Dairy, meat, produce and dry goods must be carried from one place to another to be put on store shelves. Refrigerated trucks allow for perishable goods to be safely transported, and whether they realize it or not, many Americans depend on these trucks to get groceries to them. These trucks are often on strict deadlines since they are carrying perishable items and must get to a location for a specific drop-off time. Some of these drivers have short daily routes while others have a longer trek.

General Transport Trucks

General transport trucks are those that carry supplies and materials for a wide range of businesses or industries. This category is very broad and can encompass many jobs. Some drivers use load finder sites to find out who has a load available to be transported. 

Truck driving can be a rewarding career for many people, and the availability of different types of jobs makes it even more attractive to potential workers.