4 Things To Consider When Buying Flow Measurement Devices

Monitoring is an integral part of managing flow. Whether it is for an irrigation system or gas flow in your home, investing in the right flow measurement devices is crucial. Proper planning and consideration beforehand are highly recommended.

Here are some of the factors that could improve your chances of buying the right flow meter.

  1.  Understand the different types of flow meters

The pool for flow meters is broad and diverse. Understanding what each flow meter’s capability and its limitations is a vital part of the purchase process. A good example is the excellence of the Coriolis Mass Flowmeter at measuring fluids, but, it is inaccurate when monitoring gases.

Understanding the capacity, features and technology used in different flow meters can help you pick the best choice based on your needs and what you intend to measure.

  1.  Are leaks a concern? 

Adding a flow meter and the equipment it comes with can compromise the integrity of the pipe leading to leaks. If leaks are a concern, it’s best to consider non-invasive meter options. These include the clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters which are equally efficient but don’t compromise the integrity of the pipe. Non-invasive meters also have the added of advantage of being easy to move around for better monitoring. They are also cheaper to install.

  1.  How much straight pipe is required?

Different types of meters have various lengths of straight pipe requirements for improved accuracy. When a liquid flow through a pipe, it swirls, and the distribution is random. This makes it hard for the meter to get an accurate reading.

The nature of piping in your home can affect the length of straight pipe available. If this is the case, you can opt for a flow measuring device that is not affected by swirling like a positive displacement flow meter. The less likely a meter is affected by swirling or asymmetry, the less straight pipe you’re going to need.

  1.  Cost

Price features heavily when deciding the type of flow meter. You want to buy depending on the different features, accessories and technology. Before factoring cost, consider how important accuracy is. If the meter will measure how much gas you use in your home, investing in a meter that is fitted with sensors and alarms is not necessary.

In more technical applications, having a meter with alarms and alerts can be more beneficial despite costing more. The variety of additional features and technology that can be fitted in a good flow measuring device is only limited by your budget and by its application.

Buying the right flow meter is a rigorous process that requires plenty of planning and thought before choosing the actual meter. With these considerations, you have a blueprint of areas that you should focus on before and during the purchase of the flow meter.