5 Best Diving Spots in Wakatobi

Wakatobi can be your best choice if you want to experience diving in the Indonesian sea. These 5 sites offer the best diving spots in Wakatobi.

  1. Roma

Roma is an excellent pinnacle whose peak is underwater in a depth of 5 meters. The sea bottom is only 25 meters deep, and open water divers may also be able to enjoy this fabulous diving site. Besides, the present is weak, and the dive is often regarded as dull. Massive lettuce coral of almost 10 square meters in the form of increased carpeting the scuba diving spot.

  1. The Zoo

The Zoo is very famous for diving in Wakatobi. The depth of the sea varies between 3 meters and 27 yards, and the website has the benefit of generally having no current.

  1. Teluk Maya

The bottom is sandy, and you can dip with blue spotted rays, crocodile fish, heaps of batfish, cardinal fish, as well as garden eels. This place is also an excellent place for snorkeling.

  1. Blade

Dive magazines often take their images onto this unique location. With its genuinely unique contours, Blade actually stands out. Many tiny reefs are connected by a multitude of small canyons. The present usually is medium and enables little excellent drift dives. In term of flora, we could see barrel corals, hard black corals, and large gorgonians. Concerning wildlife, there is a multitude of groupers, snappers, jacks fish, sea bream, scorpion fish, and many tiny blennies.

  1. Turkey Beach

The Turkey Beach dive site is absolutely one of the most famous Wakatobi dive sites. In fact, when you need to dive without a guide in Wakatobi, the ship drops you off at this diving site. You then float quietly to join them, and you may also continue diving on the house reef in front of the jetty of the hotel.

The spot takes its title from the fact that locals didn’t figure out how to pronounce the term Turtle correctly, and as time passes, the name has evolved in Turkey. The spot is well known for its turtles which come to lay their eggs during the mating season. The turtles especially enjoy the website since it’s located right next to a large white sand beach that’s ideal for putting in peace. Suckers Raymoras frequently comply with the impressive turtles. Fantastic for a snorkeling excursion just in front of the hotel.

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