5 Dirty Spots In Your Home You Should Not Overlook

Cleaning your home can be a daunting task with so many nooks and crannies to tend to. Yet, it’s important to keep your home clean and tidy to prevent the spread of germs. When your home is clean and tidy you’ll feel better too! If you’re short on time hiring a house cleaner near you can help you tackle your cleaning without the hassle and even when your schedule is busy  and they are also aware of the top dirty spots that often get overlooked when cleaning a home. Make sure that even if you decide to clean your home yourself, you remember to clean these top spots we have shared in this blog post.

Doorknobs and Light Switches

There are a few places around the house that are more susceptible to having more germs than others. One of those spots is the doorknob. If you think about it, we touch a doorknob every time we enter or leave the room. It is touched by all the members of the house and perhaps even guests, transferring an influx of bacteria on the knobs. The case is the same with light switches, which are used a number of times a day and are filled by bacteria due to being touched so many times by different people.

Dish Rags and Sponges

Dish rags and sponges are generally thought to be clean as you use them to clean your dirty dishes. However, as you clean the dishes the dish rags and sponges can themselves become dirty. Dish rags should be laundered regularly to ensure that they stay clean and sanitary. Sponges should also be replaced on a regular basis to keep things clean.


Mattresses are one of the most bacteria populated places in our homes. We sleep there every night and according to science, every time we wake up, we release dead cells on the bed. Having a cleaner regularly help out with laundry and sheets can help to keep your home and bed clean.


The trashcan is also one of the dirtiest places in our homes, it’s literally where we throw away trash and rubbish. Overtime, this can cause your trashcan to build up with stains and germs. So, it should be sanitised on a regular basis to keep germs down to a minimum.

Now that you know the dirty spots that could be lurking around your home it’s time to start cleaning them up! If you don’t have time be sure to hire a domestic cleaner. Acleaner will efficiently tackle tough stains and hard to reach spots in your home so that your home sparkles with cleanliness from top to bottom.