5 Reasons You Are Not Getting Enough Website Traffic

Many factors affect a website or blog’s traffic. Some of the factors include the reputation of the author, the age of the domain, number, and type of reference or incoming links, social media strategy and the freshness of the site’s content. However, an average website may have problems in another area which may have been neglected by site owners because they do not know its importance or are not aware of proper handling. Having the help of experts, such as Phoenix Website Design Company LinkHelpers, can fix this problem more efficiently and effectively.

If you want to know more about the possible causes of not getting enough traffic on your website, then keep on reading down below.

  • Your Website Does Not Have Good Content

Google and other search engines have become efficient in recognizing good or high-quality content and puts them in the higher ranking in SERPs minimizing the traffic. Your content should be original and describes both sides of the story f you are selling a product or service. Make sure that it is also up to date or timely. Also, try to consider the indirect influence of social media sites as well in the traffic and rankings. So make sure that your content has a great quality to attract more visitors and perform better in various social media channels like facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

  • Aiming For High Competition Keywords

If you have a new website or even a mature website but has not established trust, then your pages will not be shown in the first pages if you are trying to target the same keywords. Competition for all popular keywords is very high, and if you target trendy keywords only, it will be extremely hard to attain a superior ranking.

Try to use long tail keywords instead. For example, use the words “How to lose pounds” instead of “how to lose weight.” Your post will never drive organic traffic to your website if there are already hundreds or thousands of competitions with the same title. If you use a less popular keyword, you will also lessen competition.

  • Your Website Is Slow

Various studies suggest that more users are likely to repeat visits on websites that load fast since having a 3-5 second delay can make users exit. Increase your website ranking and get traffic from search engines by ensuring that your site’s page loads fast or has a high response time.

  • You Were Hit By Panda Or Penguin

Google Panda or penguin are algorithmic changes that affect the ranking position and traffic website that a website or blog gets from Google. Your traffic can drop dramatically in just one day if you are hit by panda or penguin. Check the dates that Google changed its ranking algorithm and compare it to the date your traffic changed by using Google Analytics Report.

  • Hiring An Unreliable SEO Company

Unfortunately, some SEO companies promise false advertisement and often destroys a website’s opportunity to get organic traffic. Choose a reliable SEO and don’t forget to research and read feedbacks before hiring.

Final Word

For your website to become successful, it should get traffic from search engines, social media sites and direct visits regularly. Use these tips to get enough traffic for your website.