6 Great Audience Interaction Tools to Make Your Event More Exciting

You’ll hear lots of buzzwords and phrases around the subject of Event Management, and they might not at first hearing mean a lot to you. However, the concept of Audience Interaction Tools, amongst experienced Event Managers, is something that they’ll have long known of and appreciated.

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You’ll be familiar with the more usual audience reactions of clapping, shouting, stamping and possibly the occasional groaning! In today’s more high-tech world we’ve got more sophisticated ways of creating more engagement.

You can find a professional review of all such products at https://www.capterra.com/audience-response-software/.

These are tools used by many experts, such as conference management companies Dublin. When it comes to conference management companies Dublin has some good options.

Here are our six picks.

The Mentimeter

It’s a simple of way of gauging the audience’s reaction by getting them to vote in real time. It’s a mobile voting app, providing immediate feedback on the results with great visuals.

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The Crowd- Mic

This app can turn your audiences’ mobile phones into microphones! The app works with the venue’s sound system to provide a voice for anyone who wants it. The moderator can control who speaks.


This is a really entertaining and fun microphone that you throw at people! When someone wants to speak, all they have to do is ask for it and catch it. It can help to break down barriers.


A little bit different, this works with individual keypads, which means it might be more accessible to all types of audience. The aim, as with the Mentimeter, is to get the results of votes up on the screen as quickly as possible.


This is an app that can create quite a bit of excitement at the event. It needs moderators who work in real time with the audience. Experienced Event Managers, like those from conference management companies Dublin, will look through the audience reactions and comments and highlight the most interesting ones. They can also set new questions for the audience.


Glisser is an app which allows presenters to share some slides direct to the phones of the audience. Those audience members are also able to share and comment on those slides to people in their social networks. It helps to get the brand and the message to a much wider audience.