A Step Forward for Gaming, or More of The Same?  

Gaming in its entirety  has been finding a lot of innovation over the past decade or so – the dedicated consoles that have made up a majority market are now more powerful than ever and boast features like Virtual Reality which are set to be the future of each platform, and mobile gaming has completely replaced the handheld device as different genres in gambling and betting like here for example have moved from strength to strength despite initiatives aimed at slowing their growth. This holiday season saw the release of the newest consoles from Microsoft and Sony, as well as big hardware releases for PC from Nvidia and AMD in preparation for the most anticipated games to hit the market – one of those, Cyberpunk 2077, has been hyped for nearly a decade – but is this a step forward for gaming, or simply more of the same?

(Image from cyberpunk.net)

It’s a tough one to say for sure – the game has been receiving a lot of praise largely through the story telling within the game, the choice to go for more of a choose your own adventure styled approach has meant that each individual user has a different experience within the game, with dialogue choices impacting how the story evolves and changes – although this isn’t the first game to do so and not entirely something revolutionary, but it does provide a great base. Other praises have been sung toward how immersive the game is and the look of the game, however this is another tricky subject – whilst the game does look great, this is more toward the work done by ray tracing on modern GPU’s and even then, there are titles released within the past two or three years that look just as good, if not better.

It’s mostly all problems from there, though – the developers promised an advanced AI that would bring the user in to the world, but what has been offered is seemingly anything but as many have one voice line or seem very clunky – often if you’re doing part of the story where the AI has a predetermined path, they’ll follow this regardless of obstruction or what may be happening elsewhere in the game. Similarly, the gunplay is nothing to be excited for, as it feels very stiff and slow – although the game was designed initially to be an RPG and later changed to an action/adventure, this is still a key part of the game.

There has been a lot of difficulty in the gaming world despite the steps forward in technology that power all of the amazing features now seen, but with pre-releases and pre-ordering plaguing the gaming culture and big delays such as had been seen with Cyberpunk whilst also somewhat underdelivering, this title only offers more of the same as others before, and with many other big titles in the pipeline looking to follow a similar path, it may be some time before any big change is seen.