Best Gold Watches to Buy in 2019

Why should a man have to wait for retirement to wear a gold watch? Steel doesn’t really go well with dinner jackets and gold watches are best suited for formal situations. But, it should also be noted that not all gold is created equal. There are gold-plated watches that may be suitable for some occasions, but in others you need a solid gold one when you want to dress to impress. It is best to get classic dress watches in gold, but they don’t have to be boring. There are plenty of gold watches for men you can find nowadays. The traditional choice is yellow, but if you are not after the vintage look, you can also go for rose, pink or red gold as they are more modern choices.

If you are after a gold watch, here are some of the best gold watches for men to buy in 2019:

  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 15037

One of the most iconic timepieces introduced by Rolex was none other than the Oyster Perpetual Date. As a matter of fact, it was one of the first watches that helped the brand in becoming famous in 1926. Today’s models look quite different, but with classic eighties detailing and an all gold-palette, this watch will stay handsome for the next hundred years to come.

  • Tudor Glamour Automatic

Tudor specializes in making watches for men who are explorers and enjoy traveling. Even though the dress watches of the brand are lesser known, they are just as stylish. Glamour is suitably named and it is an automatic watch that’s available in steel and gold. At 38mm, this watch is an excellent example of how to pull off a gold watch without showing off.

  • Gucci G-Timeless Dial Gold Tone

Swiss-made watches have been offered by the Italian brand for a long while and its products tend to be a bit more fun than conservative heirlooms. This gold watch is not designed for someone looking for subtlety and enables you to make a sold impression.

  • Cartier Tank

When it comes to brand recognition, one of the very few brands that actually come toe-to-toe with Rolex is Cartier. It boasts a heavyweight horological know-how and the aesthetic is instantly recognizable. Therefore, no explanation or introduction is needed for iconic models such as the Tank. If you are looking for gold watches for men that ooze sophistication, the Tank is the best choice as it boasts Roman numerals and a square case.

  • Armani Exchange Gold-Plated Watch

There are not many labels that can match the appeal associated with Armani Exchange. This same level of appeal and prestige has translated to the watch lineup of the label, even though it is quite affordable. Powered by Quartz, the watch is gold plated and is styled indulgently for anyone who is on a budget.

These are some great gold watches that can be bought in 2019 and can provide the style, sophistication and elegance that only a gold watch can bring.