Boosting Brand Awareness With Vintage Neon Signs

Your marketing agenda is an element of business that requires careful analysis. By analyzing your marketing efforts, you can quickly pinpoint which parts are working and which ones are bringing no value to your company. As part of any marketing agenda, you should devote a portion of funds toward signage. Marketing your company via various forms of signs is an excellent way to boost brand awareness and attract customers. For now, let’s take a quick look at the value to be gained when you include vintage neon signs in your marketing agenda.

The History of Neon Signs

It was way back in the 1600s that people started experimenting with lit glass tubes, also known as neon signs. As soon as the first neon sign came to life, it was clear to see they were going to be an effective way to grab people’s attention, thus being one of the main reasons many businesses today use them both in and out of their brick-and-mortar locations.

Beneficial for Small and Large Businesses

Large businesses often have large advertising budgets, meaning they can take advantage of numerous types of marketing. For small businesses, though, marketing methods are often limited due to budget constraints. Taking advantage of vintage neon signs is an excellent way to invest in expensive marketing that results in a valuable ROI. Small businesses, especially those that have small stores, often get overlooked by passersby. With neon signage in and outside of the building, though, these businesses can attract the attention of consumers who would have otherwise overlooked the companies’ door fronts.

Placement Is Crucial

When using vintage neon signage as a marketing tool, placement is crucial. You don’t want to annoy consumers with too many signs or signs that are too bright. Instead, you should carefully plan where the signs are to be placed as well as go with a bulb wattage that is easy on the eyes. Ideally, and depending on the size of your storefront, one to two signs in the front windows will suffice in being able to grab the attention of those passing by.

Using Neon Signs Inside

An excellent way to market some of your most profitable brands is to have neon signs inside your store that reflects these brands. In doing this, you are enticing customers to purchase these brands, which results in higher levels of revenue for you.

The Takeaway

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your marketing agenda, you should consider the advantages to be gained by incorporating vintage neon signs.