Care Guide For French Bulldogs

It is well known that the French bulldog is unable to survive in harsh weather. This makes it very important for the Frenchie owners to take utmost care of their Frenchie dogs so that they remain healthy in winters. This guide is going to help all the existing as well as the new owners to get a fair idea about what should they do and what they should avoid in winters. Just like you take care of your babies during cold weather was take care of your furry friends in the same way. Both the pups and the elder dogs are vulnerable to cold weather.

Medical check-up

First of all, it is very important for the French bulldog owners to take their Frenchie to the vet before the onset of winter. A vet is the doctor of the dogs. They will be able to give a thorough check-up to your buddy. The Frenchie should be taken to the vet to ensure that they do not have any physical problems that might get worsen in the winters. It is very common for the Frenchie dogs to get cold in winters, but what is unexpected or should be avoided is hypothermia or frostbite.


Another thing that should be taken into consideration is the amount of water the French bulldog is drinking. There is a chance of getting dehydrated in winters. It is important for the Frenchie dog owners to ensure that their Frenchie is drinking enough water. Another thing that needs to be taken care of is that the water should not be tap water. Most of the time, the tap water comes from the melted ice which makes it very cold.  Therefore it is important to avoid tap water to ensure that the dog is absolutely fine.


Another thing that should be kept in mind is that the food that is being fed to the French bulldog should be of Limited amount. It is quite natural for due to overfeeding your dog out of love. However, this love may seem to be vital for the health of your dog. This makes it very important for you to ensure that you do not over-feed them as this mind makes them grow fat. Getting fat is another one of the biggest problems of French bulldogs. This makes it very important for the owners to be very specific about the food that is being fed to them and the amount of water that they are being made to drink.