Carry out Vodafone Recharge Using Debit or the Credit Card

With the internet craze hitting the world; it has become a easy task of Vodafone  recharge. With few steps that need to be followed a user can get his mobile top up done in no time – for this he can either use the Vodafone official website or use one of the recharge reseller site that the company is tied up with like MobiKwik, PhonePe and Paytm.

Of course one needs to give himself/herself abreast of what is happening in the cyber world before carrying out the Vodafone recharge and making payments online.  There are typically four ways one can make payments online

  • Using a credit card
  • Using a debit card
  • Using net banking, and
  • If conducting Vodafone recharge through third party website, using the web wallet service that most of these companies offer. It is a simple method wherein the customer can keep a certain amount of money like a physical wallet and use the money whenever required by making use of the third party website or the App.

Which is the best method of making Vodafone recharge?

All the above methods are considered safe for making online financial transactions. However, the debit card is supposed to be a much better option vis-à-vis Netbanking to make payments online because of the following reasons:-

  1. Netbanking requires each person to provide their user name or customer id along with the banking password
  2. Since all this information is manually typed in by the subscriber it opens more chances of the information getting hacked.
  3. Debit card on the other hand is safer because every time you use the card online, you are prompted to enter an OTP, a one-time password that is sent to your mobile number or emailed to your email id. This kind of narrows done the scope of your information being accessed unauthorized and misused. Since the generation of the OTP is again a complex technical process and also the fact that the OTPs are never repeated and it is always a different alphanumeric combination, makes the use of the debit card the best for Vodafone recharge. Most of the OTPs are either the HOTP meaning hash based onetime password or the TOTP which is the time based onetime password or the OCRA which stands for Oath challenge response algorithm. The logic behind the OTP is that is a kind of secret between the end user and the backend server. The TOTP is the most commonly used system as it is time bound and expires after a specified period of time. Shorter the time period, more secure is the transaction.

Between a credit card and a debit card it much safer to use the former for all types of ecommerce activity. The protection against fraudulent behavior is better with the credit card as well as the fact that disputes related to payments can be resolved better with a credit card company vis-à-vis the debit card.