Changeable Message Signs and Their Place in Construction

Construction projects can be a hassle by themselves, so when daily traffic needs to pass by, things tend to get even more difficult for you and your crew. Changeable message signs are often a helpful tool when dealing with both a work zone and passing cars.

What Is a Changeable Message Sign?

Changeable message signs are large signs with electronic screens. This type of sign is often placed on a trailer so that it is easy to move around. The electronic screen uses yellow-tinted light bulbs to display messages to the people passing by the work site in their vehicles. The sign is able to be programmed to say multiple things, so it can scroll through different sets of information. This information helps the drivers know how to move through the construction site in a safe and efficient manner.

Where Are Changeable Message Signs Placed?

These signs are often placed on the road far before the construction area begins. This allows drivers to have the chance to read the words on the sign before they have to act on what they say. A changeable message sign can be a great addition to a work zone to help drivers know as much as they can about what they are about to drive through.

Where and When Are Changeable Message Signs Approved for Use?

Road rules and signage vary from state to state, but changeable message signs are approved by the departments of transportation in many states to be used on roads during construction projects. These departments, however, usually stipulate that changeable message signs do not replace other signs that the state may require for project areas. For more detailed information about your state’s guidelines, visit your state’s department of transportation website.

Changeable message signs are both a useful piece of equipment for construction services as well as a helpful tool for drivers. Renting or buying one of these signs can be an investment that helps people in many ways.