Choosing the Right Conceal Carry Holster

As with any decision regarding your sidearm, your method of everyday concealment must be chosen carefully and thoughtfully. One person’s preferred method may not physically work for another. Concealed carry holsters for men will not fit the same on a woman’s body. Someone may find carrying inside their waste-band uncomfortable, while someone else has no issue. Researching and trying things out for yourself will assure you are able to find the concealment option that works best for you. Here are a few things to consider when making your decision.

Does it Conceal?

Depending on your body shape, posture, and a number of other things, different holsters may not actually conceal your weapon. Make sure the weapon doesn’t leave a visible imprint on your clothing and that as you move, your firearm isn’t revealed.

Is it Sturdy?

Holsters are made of a few different materials. Make sure the material has a sturdy structure, whether made of leather or plastic. Make sure any belt clips are strong and can’t be broken by your body’s regular movement. Be sure that the holster fully covers the trigger and that it will not snag upon reholstering.

Does it Fit?

Try out different types of holsters see what fits your body the best. This is not only important for concealment but also for usability. If your weapon is in a place you can’t access it, then you might as well leave it at home. Decide whether having your gun inside or outside the waste-band gives you better access, or try a belly band or thigh holster.

Make sure the holster you choose fits not only you but the gun itself. Be sure to have a snug fit so you’re never worried that it will fall out or fire accidentally. Try out the different fits and styles of holsters to see what works best for your concealed carry needs.