Combat Anxiety During Menopause With These Amazing Tricks

Does the mention of the word menopause make you cringe? If yes, you are not alone. It is normal for human beings to feel anxious. Several studies have shown that women become more anxious during menopause. Even if you have never had anxiety before, you are sure to get it during the menopause. Anxiety is brought about by feelings such as excess sweating, panic attacks, nausea, and palpating.

Well, these are not feelings that anyone can wish to have. Therefore, you may be wondering whether there is anything that you can do to control the anxiety feeling. Fortunately, we have seven useful tricks to enable you to alleviate the feelings of anxiety during menopause. Read on to learn more.

  1. Get Gentle and Regular Exercising

Do you feel stressed after staying for a long time without exercise? Lack of exercise makes the feel-good body hormones known as endorphins to diminish. It is worse if you are in the menopause period. This is the period when your body needs a lot of endorphin hormones. The hormone improves your overall well-being. Regular exercise is vital as it helps your body to produce these good hormones. You don’t need an intense workout in order to be effective. Simple daily workouts can do.

A study conducted found that most women who walked moderately every day reported few cases of stress and anxiety compared to those who didn’t participate in any form of exercise.

  1. Laugh a Little

Have you heard of a phrase that laughter is the best medicine? Well, university researchers found that laughter helps the body to release a hormone known as cortisol, which helps the brain to manage stress and anxiety. Therefore, if you are in the menopause stage, you would like to participate in activities that make you happy. Just make sure that you laugh a little. Perhaps you can watch your favorite sitcom, or you can crack jokes with your best friends. Ok, I mean, don’t just enclose yourself bored in your room.

  1. Eat Healthy Food

Healthy food, for someone trying to manage menopausal anxiety, means any food rich in carbohydrates. Did you know that carbohydrates help your body to release a hormone known as serotonin? It is another feel-good brain hormone that makes you feel relaxed. When you think of carbohydrate food, be sure to combine it with a diet rich in fiber. It can be food such as whole grains and carbs. It also helps in weight gain prevention, alleviating the risk of contracting lifestyle diseases.

  1. Get a Massage

Stress and anxiety can make your muscles to tighten. A menopausal woman experiences both stress and anxiety. Therefore, it is crucial to get a massage at least once every week to relax your muscles. But is this all that massage can do? Doing massage helps your body to release a hormone known as oxytocin, which allows one to achieve contentment.

  1. Reclaim your sex life

Most people think that when a woman reaches menopause, their sexual desires diminish. However, if you engage in suitable lifestyle activities, you are supposed to remain sexually active long after the menopause. Yes, hormonal imbalance in your body during menopause can indeed affect your sex life.

If you feel so, you must buy menopause supplements. However, purchase those supplements under the guidance of your gynecologist. Lack of sex can lead to anxiety during menopause. Engage in sex several times to relieve stress and anxiety.


  1. Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep is a symptom of menopause. Insomnia can make you feel tired, stressed, and anxious. Therefore, you have to ensure that you get enough sleep every day. To improve sleep quality, ensure that you go to sleep at the usual time every night. If you still find it difficult to sleep, ensure that the room is dark, cool, and don’t have any noise.

Even if you feel that TV stimulates you to sleep, don’t sleep when it is on, it is a stimulant but not a relaxant. Make sure that your bedroom is for sex and sleep, don’t take your computer to your bedroom as it will distract you from sleeping. Avoid taking coffee as a stimulant while going to sleep.

  1. Mindfulness Meditation Training

Meditation is one of the vital ways to help menopausal women deal with anxiety and stress. A study conducted by the University of Massachusetts, all the women who took part in the weekly mindfulness meditation, were able to cope with hot flashes. Also, they were able to sleep better, which lowered the feeling of stress and anxiety. Therefore, if you want a better quality of life after menopause, make sure that you participate in mindfulness meditation training.

Most women fear menopause because they associate it with various side effects. Therefore, most women get anxiety and stress as a result of fear. Anxiety has negative implications on your overall health, mostly during menopause. Fortunately, you can engage in the above activities to help you manage and cope with anxiety during menopause.