Few Important Do’s and Don’ts for Tires to Avoid Frequent Tire Shop Visits

While it is a good idea to take your car to a tire shop to have its tire checked for wear and alignment, you do not need to do it frequent if you know how to maintain those tires properly. Here are some important do’s and don’ts to remember to make your tires last longer.

  • Be sure to check the air pressure every time you drive your car. You should use an accurate pressure gauge for this purpose. Keep in mind that though you can use a gauge at the service station, they may or may not be completely accurate. A specialized tire shop may have an accurate gauge available though. Under no circumstances should you be bleeding the tires. Do not let the air pressure out when your tires are still hot.
  • Do not exceed the tire pressure recommended by the manufacturer. Many people make the mistake of going for 200kPa even when the manufacturer has not recommended this tire pressure. Do not make this mistake, especially before going on a long road trip.
  • Do have your wheels checked regularly for proper alignment. Misaligned wheels will put extra pressure on the tires and will eventually cause serious damage. For wheel alignment, do make sure to follow the manufacturer’s specifications only. Take special care when parking the car, and try not to hit the curb. Do not wait to have the alignment checked after hitting a curb or pothole. Take your car to a tire shop if you notice any sign of vibration on your steering wheel. Keep in mind that you should have all four wheels checked for alignment.
  • Do pay special attention to remaining tread on a tire. Under no circumstances should you be driving on tires with tread depth much below the recommended legal limit.
  • Do ensure that you rotate your tires at regular intervals. You should consider the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation here. You have to keep in mind that some cars will have different tires in the rear and front. If that is the case, you usually do not need to rotate the tires, but it is still a good idea to ask an expert at a tire shop about the best way forward.
  • Do pay attention to the quality of your tires. Ideally, you should be checking all four tires every second week for possible damage. Look for any foreign object penetrated in the tires. In case you find any nail or something else in the tire, it is better to stay away from pulling it out of the tire treads. Instead, you should go to a tire shop and ask them to repair the tire properly.

The fact of the matter is that learning to maintain your car’s tires will prolong their life. In most cases, all you have to do is keep an eye on the tire and ensure that they are in the best condition. Do not risk your safety by driving when you know your tires need attention.