Finding the perfect outfit for a night out

A night out can be the perfect antidote to a busy week, but it can be difficult to decide what to wear. Finding the right outfit can boost your confidence and enhance your overall enjoyment of the evening, so here are a few top tips to ensure your ensemble is pitched just right every single time.

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Set the Tone and Dress for the Occasion

As this Reader’s Digest article notes, the first step for selecting the perfect outfit is to always dress for the occasion. If you are planning to have a low-key night with your friends, you might want to opt for a comfortable, laid-back, and relaxed look. Alternatively, if you’re heading out for a nice dinner or to a club where the dress code is strictly sophisticated chic, you’ll want to tailor your outfit accordingly and wear something smarter.

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Ask Your Mates

There’s never any harm in asking your friends what they will be wearing. In fact, doing so will help you to avoid any awkward sartorial missteps and prevent any potential fashion disasters, such as only realising that everyone else has decided to dress very differently to you when you arrive and can’t easily remedy the situation.

Practise Smart Layering

Layering will give your outfit a certain level of flexibility, which will allow you to continually prioritise comfort without sacrificing on style. Farah shirts, a selection of which can be seen at, can be dressed up or down with ease. Style a polo with your favourite pair of relaxed denim and a leather jacket for a smart casual look that will take you from dinner to casual drinks with ease. Alternatively, slip on a smart button-down over a plain t-shirt and your go-to slim cut jeans for a stylish look that will see you through everything from laid-back drinks to dance floor situations.

Dress with Intent

A statement item can immediately transform a simple outfit from fine to fierce. A bold pair of shoes or some smart accessories can add interest to your look and allow you to showcase your personal style. You will quickly find that statement items can be easily mixed and matched with a variety of simpler pieces in your wardrobe, which will allow you to play with your style and put together the perfect outfit for any occasion.`