Five tips for wearing a floor-length dress

A full-length dress is the ultimate in sophisticated party style. But while a ball gown looks glamorous, it is not always the easiest thing to wear. It’s quite a change from casual jeans or slouchy sweats and can take some getting used to. There are some considerations to be made when putting your whole outfit together to ensure you feel comfortable and look fantastic. Follow these tips to ensure you look and feel like a million dollars in your full-length dress.

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1. Get the right fit

Consider having the dress professionally altered to ensure a flawless fit. If the dress fits perfectly and the hem length is just right you will find it easier to walk and move around.

2. Practice walking

Whatever the occasion, you don’t want the big day or night to be the first time you walk in your dress. Ball gowns and prom dresses can take some practice to walk in, so get to grips with what size steps you can take and how the dress moves as you walk.

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3. Shoes

When wearing a full-length dress, it’s a good idea to avoid shoes with anything that will catch on the hem such as gemstones. Instead, opt for plain satin or velvet shoes which will allow the hemline to gently skim over them. If you are not used to walking in heels, you will find it even more difficult with the hem of the dress swishing around your ankles. Consider block heels, low heels or opt for trainers like Serena Williams wore to Harry and Meghan’s wedding reception.

4. Sitting pretty

It’s not just walking that can be problematic, sitting can also have its own issues. When you try the dress on make sure you can sit down comfortably. Often sitting down can cause a corset top to dig in, so keep this in mind when lacing up. Choose a style that will be comfortable and sites such as have a large range to choose from.

5. Think about toilet trips!

Taking a trip to the toilet wearing a floor length dress is not easy, it can take much longer so don’t wait until the last minute and if it has a very large skirt you may need a friend to hold the skirt up.