Follow These Advice to have a Fantastic Dining Experience in Italy

Bologna which is the administrative centre of Emilia Romagna district of Northern Italy consists of around one million people and is highly populated city of Italy. It is famously known for the preserved historical centers like towers, elongated porticoes and churches. This could happen only because in 1970, the conservation and restoration policy were started to preserve the historical monuments for tourism purpose.

Hundreds of tourists come down to this city to visit various monuments and to learn about their history. With this, they also enjoy food tour Bologna because they are aware of the renowned Bolognese sauce and therefore, would like to know more about their food. Bolognese sauce is a pasta sauce that contains meat flavor and contents. Since it is situated on Po River valley which is very fertile, thus their maximum food is based on cheese and meat.

If you crave to enjoy the traditional Bolognese food, then you should avoid doing these minor mistakes during your food tour –

  • Don’t try fettuccini alfredo or Bolognese spaghetti because both have been modified as per foreigners’ taste and there is nothing Italian about it any longer. Even if you approach the oldest café, you would still get the revised taste.
  • They are very strict about their eating rules, thus don’t look for lunch after 2pm to 3pm because then you will be starving to death or munching a burger. Also, when you look for dinner, try doing it after 7.30pm or 8pm because that is the ideal time for dinner for Italians.
  • In Italy, it is thought to be rude if your waiter rushes with your bill. Generally, the trend says, after dinner, families or couples sit for at least an hour to chit chat or have a cup of coffee hence, those who aren’t aware of it, please indicate your waiter for the bill as they will not come soon.
  • Don’t select a restaurant or café near the tourist monument, they will charge you more. Rather walk down to a less touristic area and try sumptuous food in fewer prices.

It isn’t logical to eat while visiting monuments rather you should enjoy everything separately by concentrating on them. Thus, eat to your full, by sitting down at one place and enjoying every flavor, then visit remaining monuments.