For What Type of Pallet To Choose For The Shipping Of Its Goods?

The pallet is an accessory designed to standardize the handling, storage, and transport of goods. In wood, plastic or cardboard, it combines several packages on the same support: a solution to optimize the space in the warehouses, but also to protect the goods during their shipment.

Pallets make it possible to optimize the space of your warehouses. The different types of pallets

Before choosing a type of palette, it is necessary to know that it will be better to choose it by taking into account several criteria. She indeed varies depending on your shipping method, the nature, and weight of goods, etc.

To help you choose the most suitable palette, here is a list of tips and points to consider:

Choose The Right Material from Your Palette

The Wooden Pallet

For high and heavy shipping of loads, the wooden pallet is perfectly adapted. It is known for:

  • Its Rugged Solidity: it can carry up to 2500 kg in static load. It is also easily repairable and therefore stamped anti-waste
  • It’s ease of rotation
  • It’s adaptability to the nature of the goods

There are different types of wooden pallets:

The Lost Pallet: light and economical but for single use (it can not be reused).

The Europe Pallet: approved and marked EPAL, this pallet with 4 entries is adapted to the storage and export of heavy goods. Compliant with NIMP15 and AQF 335 standards, it is also compatible with the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

The Standardized VMF Pallet: specially designed for the transport of the glass industry (bottles, etc.).

The Pallet with Soles: with 3 or 5 soles, this pallet is ideal in case of handling by pallet truck.

The Wood and Composite Molded Pallet: light, easy to handle, it is also very robust (up to 1250 kg in dynamic load) and insulating.

The wooden pallet, a solid palette and easy to use for your companies.

The Plastic Pallet

Often used in logistics centers and warehouses, plastic pallets have the advantage of:

  • Lightness
  • Easy handling: no nails, splinters or sharp angles!
  • Ease of charge transfer
  • Export: they do not require any pest control.

The Cardboard Pallet

Highly sought after in urban areas, the cardboard pallet also has many advantages:

  • Recyclable as a cardboard box.
  • Resistant: it can go up to support 500 kg of the load;
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and therefore economical for transport costs;
  • Safe: no splinters or nails, unlike wood.
  • Practical because recyclable and biodegradable, the cardboard pallet is perfect for urban areas but also for export, since it does not require special pest control.
  • This pallet can also be embellished with plastic pads and becomes ideal for storage since the pallets fit easily according to space requirements.

Choose Your Pallet According to the Weight

Depending on the shipping method and the goods to be transported, the pallets can support different loads:

  • The light pallet is perfect for a single transport or light goods;
  • The semi-heavy pallet can support several means of transport
  • The heavy pallet allows the use of multi-rotations.

You must also take into account the use you will make of the pallet if it is:

  • Static Load: storage on the ground without moving or handling.
  • Dynamic Load: check the maximum load of your pallet if it must be handled by a pallet truck.
  • Rack Load: for pallets stored on racks in height.