Four Self Storage Tips to Help You Keep Your Valuables Safe

Once you decide to store away your valuables it’s always a good idea to seek self storage advice to ensure that they remain as safe as possible. Regardless of whether you safekeeping for your rare book collection or organised storage for your high-end shoe collection, choosing a prepaid rental storage facility to house your possessions during this period reduces their vulnerability to theft than would be the case if they were left to sit at home, unprotected. This is due to the fact that self storage facilities are more secure, with you as the only key holder, ensuring that your goods are safely stored away.

Additionally, self storage facilities also have CCTV surveillance with some even having live insecurity personnel. However, on the flip side, opportunistic thieves are certain that the items available command a higher value. Some will stop at nothing to gain access to your storage unit. By making sure that your items are stored correctly, some self storage facilities focus on the safety and security of your valuables.

When it comes to safeguarding your valuables, it’s essential that you take every necessary precaution. You will want to ensure that nothing goes wrong if you intend to keep your valuable items in a self storage facility for an extended period. A variety of tips to help you minimise the risk of theft of the items you store at your chosen self storage facility are covered in this article.

Keep Things Secure

It’s worth noting that storing your valuables such as a Babyfoot table in a self storage facility ensures that they remain safe and secure at all times. Receiving damaged items, simply because they were not properly prepared for storage is the last thing you want to encounter. The most important factors to consider when it comes to properly storing your possessions involves proper packing to prevent any sort of damage.

Keep an Up-to-Date Inventory

Take the time to make a comprehensive list of everything you plan on storing away. If you need regular access to your unit and frequently use the unit, this is essential. The serial numbers of all electronic devices and appliances should be noted down, in addition to the replacement value of each of the items. The complete inventory list will be invaluable when it comes to making a claim against damage, fire or theft.

Securely Lock the Unit

Take it upon yourself to secure the items you place in storage. A decent chain and padlock should be at the top of your list when it comes to most storage facilities. This will help you thwart and deter any attempts of theft, and safeguard your valuables. Choose a tamper-proof lock that can withstand any attempts to bypass it using wire and bolt cutters.

A number of security layers, designed to secure your valuables, should be employed by any worthwhile storage facility. Consider the solidity of the exit and entry gate, in addition to the availability of a perimeter fence. For entry and exit, top facilities require the use of a unique electronic key code. Also, consider the availability of video surveillance. The identification and apprehension of an intruder looking to gain forceful access can be assisted by the availability of video recording security measures.

Protect Against the Weather

Remember to ask about the measures employed to keep out harsh weather when seeking advice on self storage. A climate controlled unit is advantageous to a variety of items. The self storage unit you end up choosing should provide adequate cover from the elements, in addition to being climate controlled. Even though cheaper facilities may help you save on costs, they may come with the extra cost of damage to your valuables caused by mould and mildew.

Most Importantly – Be Prepared for Anything

Even after following these four tips to the letter, there’s still a slight chance that things will go wrong. This is why you need to get insurance cover against all relevant risks. The cover should include a variety of risks, including fire and theft among others.