Furniture Refurbishing Essentials can go Beyond a Make-Over

Sometimes just changing the colour of a room is not enough to make it into the perfect space, but not everyone has the money to start again – that is why it may be worth refurbishing existing furniture.

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Old-fashioned pieces of furniture don’t always need to be thrown out when they can be refinished in a few simple steps. Often it really is just a case of getting some metal bonding adhesive found at links such as on the joints and letting it set  According to the Furniture Re-Use Network charity, 10 million household items are sent to landfill every year when many of them could be given a new lease of life.

Establish Your Budget

When beginning any makeover, it’s vital to look at how much you want to spend. Look at your existing furniture and work out how much time you will have to dedicate to turning it into what you want. Would repairing it cost you less than buying a new piece?

Some projects just require simple fixes, but others may end up costing far more than anticipated. As the British Heart Foundation says, upcycling items can be easy and simply require a quick sanding or a lick of paint.

Decide On Your Look

Ask yourself why you want a make-over and what you are hoping to achieve from it. Is it simply because you want a fresher, more modern look or because you think the room can be used in a better way?

Plan Your Design

Measure your room and take everything out before you start your project, then sketch out a floor plan or use a free online programme. Look at the available space and come up with a design which makes the most use of it.

Next think about how your existing pieces fit and whether they can be used in a different way. If you feel you cannot use your existing pieces to create the look you want, you might want to consider adding some new furniture to make the most of your room. A bespoke solution may be a good way to complement your existing furniture and save space.


To round things off, any makeover can be cheaply brought together with a few simple and inexpensive accessories such as cushions, mirrors and table lamps.