Get Spooky This Halloween with These Decoration Tips

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Halloween; a celebration that falls on the 31st October, and is a celebration of everything horror and spooky. Halloween originally originated from America, in which extravagant parties would be hosted, and out – of – this – world decoration displays would be placed in homeowners front yards. In recent years the UK has followed suit with the American tradition by holding Halloween parties and creating house decoration displays for ‘Trick or Treaters’ knocking on their door. If you’re planning a Halloween party this year, you will definitely want to check out these fun and spooky decoration tips.

Create an eye-catching Window Display

Whether you are hosting a Halloween party, or want to attract the ‘Trick or Treaters’ to your door, then a window display is the perfect way to add to the Halloween fun; you can buy fun window vinyl stickers that easily come off, and these can be as fun or as scary as you want them to be – it will certainly let people know that you like Halloween. If you have a big window ledge, you could place a family of pumpkins on there – use an LED tea light for safety precautions. You could even place artificial cobwebs around your window, with fake spiders too. Some Halloween loving homeowners have even added a window projection of ghosts walking past – this will certainly bring out the scares. If you’re in need of new windows to create an attractive Halloween window display, then you could get in touch with a Gloucester Double Glazing window fitting company such as Firmfix, or a window fitting company near you to supply and fit your new windows.

If You Have a Front Yard – Use It

If you have a front garden with a gate at the entrance, then why not decorate your property as a haunted house? You could have fake gravestones dotted around your garden, with spooky pumpkins leading up the pathway. Stores even sell fake skeletons and bones that you could place in your garden. If you’re not keen on ‘Trick or Treaters’ knocking on your door, then you could place sweets in a basket outside for them to help themselves.

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Interior Decorations

If you are hosting a Halloween party, then your house will need to look the part on the outside and on the inside. Many shops sell Halloween props and decorations, but these can be quite expensive; you could always try and make your own Halloween decorations to save yourself some money. If you’re having a buffet meal, you will want to include some Halloween themed food, snacks, and drinks. Ultimately just be creative, you could add a full-size skeleton on the sofa, and maybe some spooky hanging decorations and banners. Extra little decorations such as fake cobwebs, fake bats, fake fingers scattered around the house, and even plastic cauldrons to put the snacks in will really add to the spooky theme.