Getting to Know Indonesia by Doing These Things in Jakarta

Jakarta is the right place to go if you want to learn about Indonesia for a short time. Here are some activities in Jakarta to get to know more about Indonesia.

Discover the nation’s ethnic textiles

You may not be stranger to batik, the elaborate, exquisite traditional cloth from Indonesia. But the nation’s diverse culture has several other fascinating cultural fabrics worth discovering. The Textile Museum in Jakarta showcases over 1,900 pieces of clothes, from the traditional woven fabric to modern textiles. The museum also shows the tools and has a garden full of plants used for dyeing the clothes traditionally. Go beyond observing and receive hands-on experience by combining the batik-making workshop organized by the museum.

Explore mini Indonesia

This is your very best chance to see Indonesia’s different cultures in only a day. Serving as the mini of the sprawling archipelago, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah has dedicated places for every major state or civilization in Indonesia. Each region highlights all you need to learn more about the culture: traditional houses, customs, attires, and much more. You could even explore different science and nature museums, see documentaries in an iconic theater, and have a ride on a cable car that goes across the chemical.

Catch a show at Taman Ismail Marzuki

Since 1968, Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) was a hectic hub for local artists. Throughout time, through political chaos and episodes of background, TIM has just been elegant in its roles and applications. Now, the compound has modern theatres, exhibit areas, a library, bookstores, and more. Performances and performances follow a lively program, but something cultural and exciting is always going on here, from orchestra to musicals, theaters to exhibitions.

Feast on food

When you get hearty meals from heritage recipes at a place that reflects culture and history, eating is more than merely a thing to do to fill out the gut. It will become a beautiful cultural encounter that immerses you deeper into life. Whether you want those recipes on an elegant dining setting in Menteng or favor a more low-key rendition from street food, such as the one in Sabang Street, Jakarta has it all.

Visit the National Museum

Considered Indonesia’s oldest museum, the National Museum was created to house more than 142,000 collections which tell stories about the country in every aspect of history. From agriculture to art, this museum has everything including primitive resources, traditional crafts, ancient inscriptions, and much more, dating back to the era that is overburdened. Also, among the largest museums in Southeast Asia, the construction itself reveals an architectural feat reflected through its expansive European classical fashion.

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