How to keep your park home warm this winter

Now winter is well and truly upon us, the days are shorter and colder, so it is a good time to inspect your home and get it ready to protect you from the wind and rain this winter. Here are some tips for keeping your park home warm this winter:

Keeping your pipes warm

Pipes bursting during the winter months is common, as quick freezing and thawing could potentially lead to cracking and breaking. This can best be prevented by keeping your pipes warm with insulation called lagging, this will reduce heat loss and protect the pipes to prevent freezing.

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Get your boiler checked

If your boiler is not maintained properly, you could be wasting energy and money. Improper maintenance also runs the risk of a carbon monoxide leak. Everyone should get their boiler serviced before winter. If not maintained, it could break down and leave you without heating at the coldest time of the year, as well as a nasty big bill for repairs or replacement.


Check your home insurance policy details are all current and that you are covered for winter-related damage. Often wear and tear is not covered by most insurance policies, so it’s essential that maintenance is kept up to date, particularly in the winter when damage caused by frost is much more likely. Getting to grips with your policy will set your mind at ease this winter season. For more information about life in a park home, visit Park Homes for Sale in Gloucestershire at a site like


Approximately 25% of the heat in your home is lost through the roof and walls, so make sure they are fully insulated to use less energy and keep your house warm. Insulating your home does not have to cost the earth, because there are many government grants and schemes for installation of insulation.

Bleed radiators

If any radiators are cooler at the top but warmer at the bottom, there is probably air trapped in the radiator which is stopping the heat from circulating properly. It is wise to bleed a radiator, this will release the trapped air, so that the radiator can run more efficiently. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, you may be able to get help from your maintenance team.

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As winter draws near, the leaves will start to fall, meaning that gutters can start to get full. With a clogged gutter, water will not flow properly and will begin to leak from the gutters to the roofs and walls of your park home, causing water damage. So now is a good time to make sure the gutters are free of dirt and debris to reduce your chances of water blockages.

Stop drafts

Cold winter winds will be trying hard to get into the nooks and crannies of your park home. So, make sure you check out the edges of doors and windows for draughts. If you find any, you can either close them with some self-adhesive strip or request a maintenance team to help you.