How to spruce up your vacation home rental with Christmas Lights and traditional ornaments

Over time, you and your family may have developed holiday traditions. Some would visit their relatives while others would rent out a vacation home. There is no right or wrong way to spend Christmas. However, for those who are spending the holidays out on their vacation home rental, it may feel a little less like home.

With this in mind, here are a few tips if you want to put up some Christmas lights and decor at your vacation home rental during the holidays.

Find a theme that everyone likes and stick to it

When hiring a Christmas light installer to have your Christmas lights installed, they would often ask if you already have a theme in mind. Then, they will work their way around the chosen theme. If you don’t have a theme in mind, you can brainstorm with them so that they can advise the right equipment to be used. However, the important thing you should know is that you must stick to it. This will make everything in the room flow seamlessly rather than being all over the place and chaotic.

Add bits of nature-inspired decorations

When having your Christmas lights installed, it is always best to be inspired by nature. Nature is your friend and you can always use nature as a theme for your Christmas lights decorations. On the stairs, you can use evergreen chains and strings of light. You can also use light fixtures on your mantle or table with pine needles and pine cones for a subtle touch.

Make sure to check out the weather and use it to your advantage

This is one of the most neglected tips when decorating your home for the holidays! Whether you are going to experience sunshine during the holiday season or a very white Christmas, use this to decide whether or not it would be best to also decorate your patio or your front yard.

Prepare a small gift for your guests

Remember, the point of this article is to make your vacation home rental feel more like home. You can prepare a small gift for everyone and situate them under the tree. Make sure to use tons of fairy lights around the base of your tree to give it a more magical look. Aside from gifts, you can also decorate the base by adding a tartan blanket or wooden boxes or baskets.

Choose a centerpiece for your table setting

Lastly, do note that when you’re displaying Christmas lights, always be creative. Do not limit yourself and only display them in the usual places. Planning to have a big table? Make sure it’s not dull, choose a centerpiece, and add strings of fairy lights around them.

Christmas lights installed give off a homey ambiance, which is necessary during the holidays. Hiring a good Christmas light installer is important because you need someone who has experience in dealing with several lights display. Installing Christmas lights and traditional ornaments is more than just putting it up on some random corner in the house.