When mentioning best forex brokers in the world, we cannot deny the presence of Exness broker. To prove its qualification, I decided to write this article to have Exness reviews of all aspects of Exness. If you concern about Exness, let’s read until the end of this article.

Exness is listed in the best forex brokers in the world with the best payment system, customer service and best trading conditions for their traders. To help you have the deeper vision of Exness, I will clarify these aspects of Exness.

Like other brokers, Exness has both weaknesses and strong points as well. However, with these strong points make Exness to be in top 10 best forex brokers in the world. Below are strong points that prove Exness’s qualification.

  1. Exness’s instant payment system

The transferring speed is the most remarkable point in Exness’s payment system. Traders can deposit and withdraw money quickly within milliseconds only, therefore traders are able to catch the best chance to gain the best orders at the best time. Exness is very famous in some Asian countries such as Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia. Because traders in these countries can connect with local banks to deposit as fast as possible. This may be the big difference with other brokers who have the much longer transferring time. The instant payment system is one important reason to prove Exness to be the best forex broker.

  1. The various types of account.

There are four types of Exness accounts for traders’ choice. They are Mini, Cent, Classic and ECN accounts. Mini and Cent accounts are specially designed for beginners or traders who want to check their trading plans and check broker’s system. With these types of account, traders are able to deposit minimum 1USD to experience broker’s environment within 1 month.

For normal traders, classic account is quite suitable with them. It is safe for them to trade within the safe and stable environment.

Exness is the best ECN broker in the world. So what is ECN broker? An ECN broker is a forex financial expert that uses electronic communications network to give clients direct access to their traders in currency market. This account attract much the concern of professional traders in the world. And Exness ECN account is very good so there are many experts connecting with Exness to proceed their trading.

  1. The good customer service of Exness

Exness build the customer support network in many countries in the world such as Thailand, China, Vietnam and so on.       They can support customers 24/7 with various languages. So Exness becomes the best choice for traders in some non-English countries. It is reliable enough to trade with Exness.

It is more convenient to connect when Exness allows traders to leaving their messages on channel. Exness’ agent will call back to traders as well.

  1. Exness’s spread:

Exness has the low spread, even the lowest spread in forex market. Exness’s spread is the lowest for 6 most trading currency pairs. It is good for traders to save their money, the trading costs they must pay is very low.

  1. The high leverage

Traders tend to choose the broker with the higher leverage which is safer to trade. This means that traders don’t need to pay much for margin. Between two brokers, the higher leverage broker will be chosen as the good broker.

If traders choose the safe trading path, it is obvious to choose the higher leverage and low spread.

In short, Exness is one of the best forex brokers providing the best services for traders and best trading conditions ever. All above information is enough for traders to believe Exness’s credibility.