Is the Best Office Chair Actually a Stool?

A lot of the ideas behind what an office space should be and look like are changing. First and foremost, many staff members at mid to large scale businesses are no longer even working in the same office. Remote workers have allowed the working world to become more flexible and integrated into the various resources that exist around the world. Another major change has been the added emphasis on employee satisfaction. The ideas behind machine style workplaces are long gone, and even factories now are looking out for working condition issues and errors.

The Working World is Changing

More so than anything, the office job has become a much more employee-conscious space, and that all starts with ergonomic furniture. If 8 hours of the day, at minimum, is spent seated and sedentary, that has adverse effects on physical health. Brands like Autonomous, a rising star in office furniture ecommerce retail, have taken this push for more user-friendly and health-conscious office furniture and made it affordable and more easy to use than ever.

A pride of Autonomous’ vast array of office chairs isn’t a chair at all. In fact, one of the most beneficial, life changing ways to get work done is the ErgoStool. Sitting on a stool is far superior to a chair for no reason more so than the fact that core and back muscles are built and strengthened when the back of a chair and armrests are removed. The ErgoStool is a dynamic seating option that moves when the body does, allowing a range of motion that mirrors the way the body sways when standing.

Sit to Stand Easily with the ErgoStool

With a risen interest in standing while working, the ErgoStool also allows for a seated option that can mimic standing as well. With a range of 24” to 34”, a pseudo standing position can be created with the ErgoStool that allows the lower limbs to extend and fight muscle limitations and bone constriction. Not only does removing the backing of a stereotypical chair and armrests help posture, but a higher height at which to work is also beneficial. When a standard seating position once again becomes necessary, the ErgoStool’s no hassle handle allows for quick adjustments.

Better Office Furniture, Better Employees

As upper management becomes more and more aware of the toll of sedentary workplaces, some companies have moved to do sweeping upgrades of their offices. For those cases, Autonomous offers special discounts on bulk orders of multiple items, as well as assembly solutions to get everything set up quickly. That, of course, applies to some of the other Autonomous chair options, because the ErgoStool is practically read to go as soon as it arrives. The color options also allow offices to find ways to match Autonomous furniture to current design layouts. The ErgoStool comes in all black, navy blue, evergreen, and cool gray. With plenty of options for customizing the color of the ErgoStool, plus benefits for offices ordering bulk, the ability to upgrade an entire office is easy and customer friendly. If only ordering for one person, the process is just as smooth, and affordability is something Autonomous is known for.

For a brand that has revolutionized the office chair, an Autonomous chair is designed with a few key things in mind: comfort, adjustability, and physical wellness. For those who are concerned about their posture, as well as the longevity of their muscles and bones, the best chair is actually the ErgoStool. Between its design, easy handling, and portability, the ErgoStool from Autonomous offers professionals a chance to take back the workplace and allow themselves to work on their core and posture even when they are in the middle of a long day of work. view here