Key things to know about your boiler

Gas boilers are the most popular form of home heating in the UK. They are reliable, and modern versions are efficient and compact in size. But there are a few things about boilers that you may not be aware of.

Condensing boilers

Since 2009, all new boilers installed in the UK have had to be condensing types. These are more efficient in their energy use because they make use of waste heat that would otherwise disappear out of the flue.

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Many people confuse condensing boilers with combi boilers, but while all combi boilers are condensing, all condensing boilers aren’t combis. A Combi – short for combination boiler – generates hot water on demand when you turn on the tap. These are ideal for smaller households. However, if you have a large family or a house with more than one bathroom, you’ll be better off with a system that stores hot water in a cylinder. This will require a ‘system’ boiler.

Greater efficiency

The big advantage of modern condensing boilers is that they are very efficient, up to 90 percent efficient, in fact. They can reduce your gas usage by around 30 percent compared to older, non condensing types. If you have an old system that constantly needs boiler repair Cheltenham specialists are likely to advise replacing it with a modern condensing system.

Speed of operation

A modern boiler is able to heat up your home quickly. This helps cut your energy consumption. When combined with modern controls like smart thermostats, the system is much more controllable. You can use an app on your phone, for example, to ensure that you are not heating your home when you are out, whilst still being sure it is warm and welcoming when you get back.

Regular servicing

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When you’re looking for servicing and boiler repair Cheltenham has several options, and it’s vital to remember that your boiler needs to be inspected regularly.

An annual service ensures that it continues to work at maximum efficiency and that it is safe too. It also means that you have peace of mind that it is less likely to break down when you need it most. Having your boiler serviced before the winter months, when it will be called on to work at its hardest, is always a wise precaution.