Know Every Activity Of Your Webinar With The Elearning Tools

You can now use the latest elearning tools to know about each and every activity of your ezTalks webinar. The performance report feature will enable you to know about the attendees, their activities and each one who participated. It will also reveal the extent of participation of each attendee. Apart from the engagement levels of the attendees in your ezTalks webinar you will also be able to see their social media profiles as well. The report will provide a quick breakdown of event throughout the ezTalks webinar and it will be explicit about the engagement of the attendees. All this will keep you well informed and educated.

Elements Of The Report

Partnering with the best webinar services you will get the best features that will help you in successful ezTalks webinar hosting. The performance report will have useful elements apart from the basics such as names of attendees along with their picture, email and phone number. This will enable you to reach out to an attendee quickly. It will also have a dedicated section for the people you have invited to your ezTalks webinar and those who have registered through the webinar registration form. You will have a section for all those people who have attended your webinar as well.

Handouts For Engagement

The webinar cloud recording feature includes downloaded handouts. These will enable people who liked your content to download it. This feature is applicable only when you share the materials of your presentation during the webinar. Apart from that, the tool also includes live engagement feature of low, medium and high metric. Primarily based on elements such as chat messages, voting for polls, question and answers, emojis and others, the level of engagement and amount of activity of each attendee can be adjudged. It will help you to grow your business with better ezTalks  webinar hosting.

Few Other Useful Tools

Watched recording feature is another useful one that will enable you to know about the people who have watched your recording being unable to participate in the live ezTalks webinar. The social media profile is another one that will enable you to know more about your invitees and other attendees. With more and better insights into the webinar data, feedback and suggestions, you will be able to take your business to the next higher level. Just make sure that you follow the online teaching platforms to make the best use of the e-learning tools of the webinar services.