More and more Brits turn to vaping to quit smoking – Smoking numbers hit low numbers

As per new data that was revealed, there was a considerable decline in the total number of smokers (who smoke tobacco cigarettes) within the last 5 years and the total number of cigarettes taken daily has also fallen. The data also revealed that the total number of smokers in Britain has reached the lowest peak since the records began to be taken way back in the year 1974. It is rather surprising to know that more than few millions will tell you that electronic cigarettes helped them quit smoking for good.

According to what the Office for National Statistics has to say, 18.4% of the adults in the UK used to smoke in the year 2016, which is down from 24% in 2010. The levels of smoking are highest in Scotland, they are at 19.4% by Northern Ireland, in Wales it is 18% and in England it is 17%. Since the past few years, these numbers have been dropping rapidly and same is the case in places like Wales and Scotland.

Smoking becomes less common in the UK

Data also reveals that 2.4 million in the UK were users of electronic cigarettes in Scotland, England and Wales in the year 2016, which constitutes about 4% of the population. Another 4 million people described themselves to be users of e-cigarettes which too they have stopped vaping which makes them complete non-smokers or non-vapers. Such figures will bolster the debate among those who strongly believe that e-cigs play a vital role in helping people ditch smoking. This is the reason why people consider e-cigs to be the stalking horse of the tobacco industry.

E-cigarettes and vape pen users are the highest in the UK

As per records from the World Health Organization, usage of e-cigarettes is not experiencing a decline since the Public Health England announced that vaping is 95% safer and healthier as compared to smoking tobacco. Statistics often suggest that it is usually the heavier smokers who choose to turn to e-cigarettes and once they turn to electronic cigarettes, they have forgotten about smoking altogether.

The decline in smoking is a positive sign which shows that vaping is not going to decline in the UK. The UK government is always encouraging and motivating the companies which produce electronic cigarettes so that more and more smokers can ditch the habit of smoking and welcome a healthier life.