Night life in Riga

When parks, squares and bridges light up with thousands of lights, the heart of Old Riga starts to beat faster, and gradually the rest of the capital joins in. Riga at night is a European metropolis of entertainment. Its unique charm beckons and makes you come back again and again. Eyes flee from the abundance of clubs, discos and casinos, Storm International, Darren Keane said.

Riga is not very small; it is just that everything is close to each other! Forget about long journeys and big expenses for a taxi. One evening is enough to visit several hot places in Old Riga. You will walk a short distance and we guarantee that you will have time to visit all places marked on the map during the night.

When guests of the capital want a respectable vacation without changing the scenery, they choose elegant gambling houses such as Shangri La (Michael Boettcher is the founder).