Pros and Cons of Vaping You Need to Know

There are various researches and opinions about the vaping. Some people suggest you that there is no harm in using electronic cigarettes while others say that it has harmful effects. So if you are also one of them who are using smok mag then this article will help you to know about the pros and cons of using that.

Pros of Vaping

Safer than smoking: According to various researches vaping is safer than smoking. It is at least 90-95% safer than the smoking as there is no ash and combustion is associated with it. Due to smoke-free effects of smok starter kit a user has better health. So a user has more health benefits like better oral hygiene, blood circulation, skin health, and more lung capacity by avoiding smoking.

No noxious odours: There is a certain smell of smoke after smoking which stays in the environment for few minutes and can irritate a non-smoker. One of the biggest benefits of vaping is there is no such smell; even the user is not smelled like smoker. Vaping has many flavours so the user may smell like the flavour he/she used which is hardly noticeable to anyone as smell is mild, unlike dead tobacco leaves.

Cons of vaping

Cumulative costs: As it is a consumable product so you need to buy it repeatedly. There is lots of variety of cheap juice to expensive brands. One of the major disadvantage of vaping is you need to refill the e-liquid into the device. A single bottle of e-liquid will not make any difference but when you will buy various flavours that may increase the cost.

The stigma of nicotine: Nicotine is a word which as bad impact on the listener. The drug used in the e-liquid is in a negligible amount and has a mild impact on the user. Many people think that nicotine is similar to smoking but there is a huge difference between nicotine and smoking.

Technology learning curve: It is considered that using and handling a vaping device is not for beginners and it requires a lot of technical skills but that is not true. Anyone can use it and it’s quite easy to use it. It may seem complex to use but it is quite simple.

So now you know the major pros and cons of having smok mag. Now you have a better understanding of it and you can make a better choice.