Revolutionary Changes To The Smartphone

The smartphone, regardless of your preference of brand, have changed how we digest the world forever as many of us now are reliant on our smartphones to get us through our everyday lives. However, there have been some rather important changes to the smartphone over their timeline, some more important than others and below we look at the most important changes to the smartphone.

First of all, one of the first additions to the smartphone was the addition of the App Store to the iPhone in 2008 and the Android Store for Android in 2008 too. This allowed for app developers to create virtually whatever they want for us consumers to download. We could not imagine a life not without the use of apps as the majority of our everyday actions on our smartphones are through apps. Although at the time this was huge news for big technology companies, we didn’t realise the importance of it until looking back now.

Due to smartphones being so impressive these days, industries have been able to benefit from this including the online gambling world and especially these live online casinos at which are noticing more and more smartphone users on their live casino markets. Smartphone users have described how much they prefer the live gambling experience in which they feel as if they are getting the most authentic experience and this list of sites certainly delivers on that.

Another revolutionary addition to the smartphone over its development over time has the how the camera has become one of the main selling points of each smartphones. Gone are the days where we need a phone and a camera separate as the camera’s that are now available on each smartphone is seriously impressive. Not just this, but the ability to create albums, send to friends and family or even share on social media really does pose the question as to why you would ever buy a camera again when you have one in your pocket already.

And finally, security features including finger scanning and facial recognition have made smartphones certainly a lot more secure as they are now the main avenue in which consumers open up their smartphone. Finger scanning was brought out in 201 and then was eventually replaced in 2017 by facial recognition. The most impressive features about the facial recognition now as it is used for everything, including unlocking your phone, opening secure apps such as online banking, or even for payment methods whether this be through an app over even when you are buying something on the high street – we cannot imagine our phones without Face ID!