Risks involved in buying drugs from online Canadian pharmacy

There is lot of risk involved when you buy prescription drugs from online as it is not being examined by any health care practitioner. There are several websites on the internet that sell drugs. There are many online pharmacies that are legal while others are not. There are pharmacies that sell drugs not approved in Canada. There are sites for Canadian pharmacy that fool people by selling them medicines that can cure just any deadly diseases like cancer. You need to be careful while you buy drugs online as it can be dangerous.

Drugs from illegal Canadian pharmacy may have no active ingredients, dangerous additives, wrong ingredients or they have gone past their expiry date. These can harm you directly or can enhance the condition you are into or can harm you in the long run. Buying the prescription drugs without getting examined by health care practitioner can lead to chances of misdiagnosis. This can be highly harmful for the person using the drugs. Along with the dangers of wrong medicines, another risk involved in buying drugs from online pharmacy is financial loss. Many companies take money from you but don’t send the drugs in return. If the drug is coming from some other country, it might be stopped by the Canadian authorities at border. So you may lose the money you have paid for the drugs.

In Canada online pharmacy is legal and is regulated by the provincial laws. The online pharmacies in Canada must meet the standards of practice of the province to get license. It is possible to find the licensed pharmacies in the country contacting the licensing body in the province. Don’t buy drugs from online pharmacies that don’t give any contact details in the website. Make sure the products that you buy have the DIN number that is issued by the Health Canada.