Show the difference between a logo and a brand

There are many people who get confused between the brand and the logo and consider it to be the same. It is due to this reason that their business suffers. In order to promote and advertise your Markham web design business, you need to have clarity between the brand name and the logo.

How logo and brand different from each other?

A logo is an element of graphics that quickly and briefly determines a company. It is a technique by which you can represent visually your company, service, product or individual in a way that fits in the minds of people and tells your story shortly. It can be an emblem, icon, word mark or a mixture of both. An effective logo is the part of the successful company or brand that is accordingly developed with the same position, tone, messaging, visual appeal, messaging and briefing of the brand logo. Some of the components that are used in the design of logo give information about the message, position and tone that are front choice, colors, calligraphy, style and shape, illustration style and gather to communicate.

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A brand is the name or design that interacts and practice with marketing by which a company is identified and it differentiates your business, service or product from one another. A brand surrounds the positioning, communications and messaging, the target market, visual design, presence, promotions and marketing and an individual that has experience of the business, service or product offline, online, or in person. Brand is that which people experience when they come in contact with your business.

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Think in the way that a logo is just a graphic component with a name. A brand is the communication technique that helps you to advertise your passion and ability.

If you combine a brand strategy builder and planned logo, that will help you efficiently and effectively approach your audience, convey your message, benefits and value and visibly attract more attention.

What are the steps of branding?

The most important thing is the logo that is known to be a memorable symbol which most the people associate with their company. Then the second comes identity that includes packaging, stationery, pictures of social media profile, and other visual components. The third and last one is the brand experience that is generally the perception that people have about your services or products. This approach is developing over the time.

Understand the difference between brand identity and logo

As like your personal identity makes you unique, the brand identity just in the same way helps business to represent right image of it to the clients or customers. The visible factors of the brand that includes name, design, colors, symbols and type together distinguish and identify the brand in the mind of consumer, this is the brand identity.

Lets come to the logo, how you can identify that the coffee you are having is from star bucks. Yes, you can because there is a logo that is stacked or plastered on your coffee cup. When for the first time, a customer comes in contact with brand the thing that they like to see is the logo of the brand. You can convey more information