Smart Bets You need Now in Every Step

When you play slots online you know that it is a game that is 100% luck based and that you cannot put a real strategy in place to win more. That is a certainty. On the other hand, as we told you, it is quite possible to try to attract as much luck as possible, so that the game is a success.

At that time, we told you the words “redistribution rate”. We can also say “repayment rate”. What matters in this article is to understand this concept because it is essential for the selection of your slot machine when you go to your virtual casino.

Understanding what a payout rate is

A redistribution rate in casino88 bets is a value that will tell you whether the machine is profitable or not. Clearly, you will be able to know what is the part of the bets that the players make, which is returned in the form of a gain.

The best for you to understand is of course to take an example: a redistribution rate is calculated over a defined period, let’s take a 24-hour day in our example. On this 24 hour day, for the WHOSPUNIT slot machine for example, you have 321 players who will connect and play. Together, they will have bet 10,000 Swiss francs. Be careful not to confuse the term “make a deposit” and “make a bet”, it is completely different. During this 24-hour day, there were 8,500 Swiss francs donated in the form of winnings. This means that to know the rate of redistribution (or repayment) it suffices to make a cross product: x = (8500 * 100) / 10000 = 85%. In our case, the repayment rate is 85%,which results in the fact that 85% of the bets on this day were paid back in gain.

Redistribution rates are always checked

These redistribution rates are subject to several fairly extensive checks, firstly by the organizations that issue the gaming licenses, and then by the institutions that issue the quality labels.

A casino cannot afford to cheat on this value which in addition emanates from the game publisher directly. You will be sure it is correct because if a casino gets caught lying about this value, you imagine its reputation is over and players will shy away from it.

Information to ask at all costs

Before choosing a slot machine, you will understand that it is better to know the payout rate. To do this, you only have to ask your casino operator if you do not know it. Nowadays, it is considered that an interesting online slot has a rate of 90% to 95% minimum. Below, it is certain that you will be able to find better.