Take Intimate Wedding Photos with 5 Easy Tips

When it comes to wedding photography, the best photos are the ones meant to highlight the bond of love, emotional connection, and the intimacy of the newlyweds. The physical and emotional bond between the bride and groom comes naturally, but the rush of the wedding can make a couple tired. Other times, the newlyweds are too nervous by having the photographer as an audience. Relaxing the nerves and getting the couple to be comfortable are the main goals here for the photographer.

Follow these five simple tips to get the perfect intimate shots of the bride and groom on their big day.

1.    Communication with the Newlyweds

Communication is key to make the bride and groom comfortable around the photographer for their intimate photo session. Giving the bride and groom specific instructions on how to place their hands, guiding the bride on how to rest her head on the groom’s shoulder, how to kiss, and teaching them, different ways to lean in comfortably on each other are essential for a private photo of the couple. Once the instructions are communicated well, the photos will be some of the best in the wedding album.

2.    Set a Theme or a Simple Story line

Photographers go out of their way to ensure the newlyweds get their private moments captured flawlessly. To capture true emotions of the couple, the photographer can set a theme or a storyline to help the couple have some intimate moments. Talk to the bride and groom, set the mood, come up with a scenario to guide them into the best intimate pose. Asking the couple to reflect on the best memories they had as a couple elicits picture-perfect expressions waiting to be captured through the lens.

3.    Get the Couple in the Right Frame of Mind

The bride and groom can take some time to adjust to the storyline or a theme, giving them time to get into the mood and relax is the way to go. Let the couple get used to the idea of having the photographer around makes it easier for them to pose and be themselves. Taking out extra time from the busy wedding day is the key to getting private photos of the couple is a good idea.

4.    Include the Weather and People

Including the weather and the close friends and family around the couple can often be the best way to highlight the special connection the newlyweds share. Watch out for moments like their first dance, using the crowd of people in the background while focusing on the bride and groom gazing into each other’s eyes is the perfect moment to capture the intimacy of the couple. Nothing speaks intimacy more than having a couple look at each other in a massive room filled with friends and family.

5.    Having a Pre-Wedding Discussion

To make the bride and groom comfortable around the photographer, arrange a meeting before the wedding. Discussing what the couple wants in their photos with the photographer’s input as an expert could help both parties in capturing the vision of the newlyweds. Trust and communication are necessary to capture the memorable intimate wedding photos of the couple on the biggest day of their life.