After many years, after joining the forex world, FBS has raised their system in many sides such as trading cost, trading accounts, trading payment method, licenses and promotion program. These matters can not perfect at the first time, but they have learned about the traders’ needs and also the competitive market while there are a lot of brokers that are being born. Basing on a lot survey and research, I have summarized the best parts and aspects about FBS reviews as below.

Trading cost

When talking about trading cost of FBS, spread is the main point to consider when they give to ways for spread. Both floating spread and fixed spread are quite low when compared to other brokers. Floating spread is cost from 0.2 pips, and fixed spread is priced at from 3 pips.

The license owning

FBS has defined their reputation by owning two licenses from two trustful agencies which are CySEC and IFSC. IFSC is the organization that certificates financial license for a lot of financial and trading activities of companies or organizations. FBS is issued the licenses with CySEC with the licenses numbering 353534 and with IFSC; they enroll with the number IFSC/60/230/TS/18


Reputation of FBS

FBS is a broker that is checked by a lot of organizations and the contents also. The evidence is that they win a lot of prizes that are held by a lot of countries in Asia. They have claimed some main competition such as include “Best Forex Broker in Southeast Asia”, “Best Customer Service Broker of Asia in 2016”, “Best Forex Broker in Thailand” and “Best International Forex Broker”. FBS also acts for the social benefit when in 2017 they made step to help relieve from a disaster in Indonesia and were praised by this country government.

Classification of accounts

Different trader styles can have various choices about accounts with FBS because they structure with four kinds of accounts so that traders with different key strategies can choose the right account to traders. Here are the details of Cent account, Standard account, Zero Spread account and ECN account

Cent account Standard account Zero spread account ECN account
●       Minimum deposit of $1

●       Floating Spread

●       Commission-free trading

●       1:1000 Leverage

●       Market Execution


●     Minimum deposit of $100

●     Floating Spread

●     Commission-free trading

●     1:3000 Leverage

●     Market Execution


●             Minimum deposit of $500

●             Fixed Spread

●             Commission-free trading

●             1:3000 Leverage

●             Market Execution


●     Minimum deposit of $1000

●     Floating Spread

●     Commission-free trading

●     1:500 Leverage

●     ECN Execution


Withdrawal process

The withdrawal process or transaction of FBS can be worked within 70 options, which makes them more competitive about payment systems than other best forex brokers BRKV. Some of the convenient ways they provide for payment choices are e-wallet, credit card, and bank wire transfer.

Besides the diversity on payment system structures, FBS gives different features about the time for withdrawing, such as for credit cards, the limited time to do the withdrawal is 48 hours, and for the e-wallet, the transaction is required to finish at the same time.

Promotion strategy

Like other brokers, FBS also give the best forex bonuses to encourage trading and raise the number of clients. They usually offer the bonus 123, welcome bonus with 50$, and deposit bonus with the rate of 100% of the deposit. In addition, they also give away bonuses as amazing gifts such as iPhone X.

Care service

To solve a lot of matters related to their clients who need help, FBS has developed the support centers with language helpers and FQA center. Their online service is flexible too, with live chat that traders can interact within 24 hours, which is definitely suitable for traders who are from far away.

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