The Future of Online Entertainment

One of the fastest changing markets in the world can certainly be seen within online entertainment as not only are the platforms evolving but also our usage of these platforms. Big changes are expected to come throughout 2021 that could have wide reaching impacts on the traditional industries that have typically been out in front. Whether looking at traditional content, or new favourites, there is certainly a changing future in online entertainment.

Livestreaming – The first big change is coming through from livestreaming, although this isn’t an immediate change but something more gradual becoming apparent over the past few years. Livestreaming has helped determine what games may be popular and which fall off a little and has helped propel names of individuals and professional players to much higher platforms. One of the big winners here too has been within esports betting, many fans have made the transition from elite sporting events from more traditional options to esports throughout the past year and has largely been made possible thanks to livestreaming, as the two have grown hand in hand, betting sites such as the list here have only grown more popular, and livestreaming will continue to play a crucial role in the successes of online gaming. It may also encourage other platforms to follow livestreaming goals too, as it provides a much more accessible service.

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Video-on-demand – The other big success for online entertainment comes through the biggest video-on-demand services like Netflix, as many will be stepping up their efforts throughout the year. Studio giant Warner Bros had already announced that throughout 2021, all future releases would be released on both video-on-demand service HBO Max and cinema at the same time, with others such as Disney+ have suggested they will be placing an increased focus on their own streaming platform. Success here for either could spell the end of cinema and theatre to some degree as they both prepare to move cinema to the online space, and with Netflix stepping up its own production this year by releasing 71 movies this year alone certainly looks to be heading in the right direction. If there is success found for one studio, the others will jump onboard too, and it may not be long before the cinema is replaced for the TV screen.

These changes will take time, however, and it’ll take likely the entire 2021 to determine whether or not permanent change is likely or whether it will be a failed experiment –either way permanent change is on the way, and it’ll be a battle between one alternative or another.