The Importance Of Knowing Betting Lingo

Online bookmakers make use of websites to offer bettors real money sports action. These websites cater to various audiences from across the world, just as the sports betting sites are hosted in various locations around the world.

Despite sports betting being popular with various cultures and language groups, they all still speak the same lingo. Betting Lingo.

In professional sports betting this lingo can have slight variations and nuances, but generally speaking two bettors can understand exactly what the other person is saying within a few words, if both speak this lingo.

The Origins Of Betting Lingo

Much like online Blackjack, the terminology used in sports betting has quite a rich source of origins. Betting was popular all over the world and each country has added to the rich melting pot of terms used in modern sports bookmaking.

Regardless if you are playing at a small time online bookmaker or at the top sports betting sites, the lingo will be familiar if you are versed in betting terminology.

The Betting Lingo And Strategy

For the best sports betting results, bettors need to make use of effective strategy. Part of building your betting strategy is to gather info from online sources, including handicappers and betting experts.

The use of betting terminology is a key part of these figure’s dialogue so if you are unfamiliar with the terms they are using, you just may be left in the dark when you are trying to collect tips.

To take full advantage of online betting tips and advice, a firm grasp of the betting lingo is an absolute must.

Differences You Can Encounter Online

There are a few terms that you will spot at popular sports betting sites. Whether the site is European or American plays a big role in the terminology you will encounter.

For example a Moneyline bet on an American site will be a straight bet in the rest of the world. This is largely due to the unique American odds system used.

They feature their own unique terminologies for their wagers.

Common Betting Terminologies

Spread Betting and Over/Under betting are terms that tend to go together. Spread betting is wagering on the points that will be attained by a team. It can be a wager that a team will hit a value either above or below a set mark. Over/Under betting is a similar concept but it will be measured by adding both team’s scores together.

Teaser bets are two or more wagers combined into one package. They have very rewarding odds, but at the same time a bettor must have all the wagers he made win, otherwise he loses the entire stake.

Hedging is a term that is used to refer to additional wagers made in order to offset a potential loss. Futures are wagers on events set at a predetermined date in the future.

These are usually made before a season starts and feature high odds due to the difficulty of correctly making wagers on futures.