The Process Of Company Registration In Singapore


The system of company registration in Singapore is completely digitalized. A1 Singapore company formation is one of the critical aspects the people can look forward to understanding all the aspects clearly and receive guidance at each step. Businesses are often incorporated and registered on the same day if all the legal paperwork is clear.

The procedure of company registration and its associated timeline in Singapore

  1. The primary step is to reserve the name for the company. This can be done once the Singapore government approves the selected name. The registrar of the company will oversee this process. A1 Business can appropriately guide and do all the needful on behalf of the desires.
  2. Office space is of another prime importance for setting up the firms in Singapore. One can choose for the serviced office in Singapore to start the business in the given registered address.
  3. After the approval of the name by the registrar, the incorporation application is processed along with the documents in a few hours. The form and the documents must be signed by the directors and the shareholders of the firm. Sometimes, the application can be delayed due to additional information demanded through interrogations. Once all paperwork is clear, the company receives its registration certificate from the government.
  4. There are several post-registration formalities that a newly registered company must follow. One will receive an email for incorporation and registration of the company on the registered office email address which contains the registration certificate.
  5. A business profile for the company must be established after successful registration. This contains the following:
  • Name and registration number of the company including past names if any.
  • Date of incorporation.
  • Primary activities.
  • Capital investment.
  • Registered address.
  • Details of shareholders.
  • Details of the directors.
  • Details of the company secretary.
  1. Company certificates along with the company seal and rubber stamp are necessary for the company.
  2. The company must have a corporate bank account with the banks that are registered at Singapore
  3. One must apply for the necessary business licenses required along with the special licenses that related to activities and product formation within the firm.
  4. GST (Goods and Service Tax) registration certificate is mandatory if the capital per annum of the company exceeds SGD 1000000.
  5. Requirements for annual filing and formalities are mandatory as per the Singapore Companies Act norms.
  6. Yearly income tax filing and other related formalities must be up to date as per the regulations of the Singapore Income Tax Act.

Final Word

One of the ideal locations to headquarter a business startup is Singapore. Singapore is very competitive due to its competitive business conduction, investments, and stabilized trading system. These factors influence the business start-ups in Singapore and make it one of the most favorable locations to start a business in the most accessible format. A lot of Singaporean start-up businesses can be seen in the new marketplace that is not only stabilizing the business in Singapore but also adding effectively to its economy.