The Upcoming Festivals in the UAE 2018

Someone has rightly said that “the greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals”. UAE is a vibrant nation where people belonging to all nationalities and religion stay in harmony. We all know that the base of any festival is deep-rooted in the religion. There is a presence of almost every religion here in the UAE; 76% population is Muslim while 12.6% is Christian, and 6.6% is Hindu. So, basically, those who are away from their home also don’t miss their festivals because every festival seems extravagant in the UAE.

Have a look at the upcoming festivals that would be celebrated with abandoned happiness, laughter, and love in the UAE.

Eid-al-Fitr – 15th June 2018:

This is the biggest of all festivals here in the UAE. All the states and districts light up to welcome their friends, guests, and relatives and spend a lovely time during Eid. The month of Ramadan is a tough time for the followers of Islam religion as they have to fast from sunrise to moonrise. This is a ritual that needs to be followed by all Islam people except the pregnant women, ill and elderly people. Ramadan is observed by the Muslims worldwide to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad according to Islamic belief. This month-long fast is broken on Eid which is calculated as per the lunar position. The whole family wakes up early in the morning and attend the morning prayers in the mosque which is then followed by a lunch feast with all near and dear ones. Customarily, gifts are also exchanged and charity is also done! In the UAE, Dubai is the best place to spend Eid. Food, live music, dance programs, etc. are observed all over Dubai.

Friendship Day – 30th July 2018:

Friendship Day is celebrated because friends form that family away from the family. There are many facets of a human mind which they cannot clearly share with their family members and this is the sphere where friends fit in perfectly! It was Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark who came up with the idea of Friendship Day in the year 1930. 2nd August was proposed to be the day to celebrate friendly relations. But later the World Friendship Crusade proposed to celebrate World Friendship Day on 30 July in the year 1958. Now, the United Nations have declared 30th July as Friendship Day. But in most of the nations, the first Sunday of the month of August is celebrated as Friendship Day. In the UAE, 30th July is dedicated to the lovely bond that friends share with each other. Gifts like chocolates, teddy bears, greeting cards, and friendship day bands are showered on the best buddies.

Raksha Bandhan – 26th August 2018:

Raksha Bandhan is a widely popular festival of India which is all about worshipping or celebrating the sacred bond between a sister and a brother. A sister ties a protective thread known as Rakhi on the wrist of the brother and wishes for his good health, luck, and prosperity. This thread saves the brother against all evil forces. In return, the brother promises a life-long protection for his sister from all odds. In the UAE, this festival is also celebrated with much exuberance. Why? The percentage of Indian population residing in the UAE as per the last census is 42% and that’s like almost half of the UAE population. The Indian Community here in the UAE spends a day full of fun and fervor. The brother and sister have to meet each other on this day. But as per the changing time, sending rakhi online to the brother or sending a rakhi gift to the sister online has become a part of this celebration. And this has helped many Indian sisters to send their love and blessings to their brothers who cannot take a mid-year leave to visit home!

Diwali – 7th November 2018:

This is also known as the festival of lights. Every corner of the home and street are lit up so that no darkness remains in life. It is a festival that triggers hope, positivity, and sweetness. This is again a festival that is celebrated in various ways in various parts of India. The South Indians call it Deepavali and celebrate with Murukku and Legiyam while the North Indians call it Diwali and celebrate with Chakli and Gujiya. So the Indian communities here in the UAE see cheerful colors and food types! Many shops here offer lavish sweets and tag them as “home away from home” experience. The top designers here create wonderful clothes which people buy and flaunt on this day. Apart from that a staggering sale of candles, earthen lamps, and jewelry, sweets, flowers, wall or door hangings are also seen. Lulu Hypermarket, Madhoor, Puranmal. KamatShireen is some of the best places to churn out the Diwali gifts in Dubai.

UAE National Day 2nd December 2018:

The UAE National Day is not celebrated to commemorate the independence of the Emirates from the British Empire. This day is celebrated as an anniversary of the federal unification of the 7 Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain) that happened in the year 1971. All over the UAE, a grand celebration is observed. Fireworks, car rallies, and dance programs are the common modes of common modes of celebration. People dress up imitating the National Flag of the UAE and take part in various fun activities. The UAE National Anthem “IshiBilady” are sung which was composed by Mohammed Abdel Wahab and the English Translation is “Long Live My Nation”. The schools, colleges, and both private and public sector offices remain closed on this day. A staggering crowd is noticed in Etihad Museum in Jumeirah and Al Wahda Mall in Abu Dhabi.

Christmas – 25th December 2018:

The majority of the population in the UAE is Muslim but this is a nation that shows equal respect to all other religions. That’s why you won’t feel aloof if you are here during the Christmas season. There are at least 35 churches all over the UAE and the Christian population staying here celebrate this day with much love and happiness. Colorful décor items, cakes, wines, chickens, cheese, and Christmas trees are commonly found in all the shops. So, the birthday of Jesus Christ is celebrated with quite an excitement!

UAE is one of the best countries to live in because of the harmony with which people of all religion and culture reside with peace. That’s why you would have a great time for any kind of festival here!