These will bring you the most fashionable colors of autumn in your living room

The summer is over and we have live in the heart of autumn. Even if you are not totally ready to welcome the new era, there are some things that will surely make you excited – warm textures, fresh autumn food and of course a range of modern colors for your home.

The idea of ​​painting your house is not the most practical option, but you can always add a beautiful piece of space to your place, such as an armchair or a sofa. Seats are a great choice for bringing the new colors to your place and enjoying a renewed autumnal environment.


Who does not like dark orange? A beetle chair like the photo below is a great way to refresh your living room. Put a modern touch of inter-war aesthetics in your home making you stand in front of a neutral canvas (like the light-colored wall here) for even more impressive results.


A lilac sofa as below is an incredibly elegant piece that cannot go unnoticed. It is practical and ideal for small spaces. The soft lilac is much more interesting than a classic white or any neutral sofa without overloading the space.


Armchairs are the objects that can give you a great refresh without having to spend a lot of money. Seek a blue armchair like the photo below that brings something from the past and introduces the retro style of the 70s into your living room. The velvet texture will bring incomparable elegance and drama to your place.


One of the most special colors that can make a big difference is bordeaux. And the best way to bring it to your living room is to select pieces with simple and at the same time special lines. Just as with the armchair of the photo below, which is classic and at the same time very fashionable. Ideal for any modern space, it can bring incomparable aesthetics when placed in a neutral colorful environment.

Fleece pads

Remove the summer, colorful decorative pillows and replace them with softer, faded pillows in the colors of your living room.

Basket with blankets

A very nice idea is to get a wicker basket and put it next to your sofa. Inside, place thin blankets for you and your guests so that everyone feels at home.

Lighting the Fireplace

It may be too early to turn on the fireplace to warm it up, but to put 2-3 woods just to create a warm setting is not a bad idea. If you do not want to spend wood without reason, you can put candles in your fireplace and turn them on for a more romantic atmosphere.

Make a Corner of Reading

Autumn and winter encourage reading a good book. If you have a little empty space in your living room you can make a beautiful book corner. Take a comfortable armchair; pour it over a beautiful, warm throw and 1-2 decorative pillows. Place a small wooden table next to it and put a lamp on top of the table. Of course you can also get a floor lamp for even more style. This will be the reading corner that you will not get away with.

Play with lighting

A nice idea to make your living room more autumn is to add some extra lighting sources. Instead, keep the main lights on, turn them off and invest in floor lamps or table lamps and have them awaited for a more romantic and highly autumnal atmosphere.

Make the space in front of the fireplace

As we approach winter, there is not a beautiful way to spend the evenings in front of the fire of the fireplace. Take a mat and lay it in front of the fireplace. From above, throw a knit blanket to create a warmer backdrop. Enrich the place with pillows and blankets and experience the most romantic and relaxing evenings of your life. And even without spending money. You can also take some great ideas from HouseByUs in order to change some other rooms of your house, like your kitchen. So, get ready for the winter in any way.