Three types of reflective sheeting

There are three main types of retroreflective sheeting used in roadway signs: engineer grade, high intensity prismatic, and diamond grade. The idea is to enhance the night visibility of highway signs and high-visibility industrial and work clothing so that they can be seen in the headlamps of approaching cars.

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What is engineer grade reflective sheeting?

Engineer grade reflective sheeting is used in reflective stickers, as it is digitally printable. It is essentially an enclosed film that uses beads created out of glass, or prismatic optical technology. The retroreflective sheeting contains glass beads and has a pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is ideal for the manufacture of traffic control signs, both commercial and non-critical. The sheeting does not have a distinctive pattern. When the sheeting is applied, the retro-reflection will be effective for around five to seven years. The sheeting is visible from around 600 feet.

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A guide to high intensity prismatic reflective sheeting

This non-metalized micro prismatic lens-reflective sheeting is used in the production of work zone signs that are required to be long-lasting. The material consists of two layers: the inner reflective layer contains glass beads and the outer layer is translucent. These two layers, when placed together, give off a honeycomb appearance due to the ‘lattice’ that connects them. When light hits a sign covered with the high intensity prismatic reflective sheeting, the light connects with the prismatic cells and is reflected back in a larger volume. When applied properly to road signs, the sheeting can remain effective for up to 12 years. The sheeting permits the sign to be visible from up to 1,200 feet.

Chapter 8 chevrons with effective reflective material are applied to commercial vehicles to comply with the law. They can be obtained from a wide range of suppliers such as

It is not just heavy industries that make effective use of reflective material; for example, the material and sheeting can be used in leisure and entertainment. Global sports giant Adidas has created the reflective Nite Jogger and visibility has been enhanced thanks to its distinctive neon green.

What is diamond grade retroreflective sheeting used for?

Traffic control signs make use of the diamond grade sheeting, as it returns over 50 per cent of light. Lasting for around 12 years, the retroreflective sheeting can be seen from up to 1,500 feet.