Three Ways To Store Your Firearms


Responsible gun owners understand the significance of safe storing of their firearms when not in use. They also know that one of their most important pistol accessories is a secure storage unit. Three common types of gun storage are cases, lock boxes, and gun safes.

Gun Cases

There are a number of ways to secure and store guns, but the gun case is probably the most popular. Gun cases are inexpensive, come in many varieties, and can be customized to fit a particular gun. They are also portable, making it easy to transport pistols discretely between locations.

Gun cases may or may not have external locks. The cheaper cases are made with plastic and soft fabrics that don’t provide the protection that the more expensive polymer cases provide. Though not as secure as other methods of storage, gun cases do provide an affordable means to hide, transport, and protect your pistols.

Gun Lock Boxes

Lock boxes provide a much higher level of security than cases. They’re usually made of steel and feature an integrated lock. Cheaper models will use key or combination locks, while the more advanced boxes incorporate biometric technology that recognizes a fingerprint to unlock. Lock boxes provide the same level of security as gun safes and the portability of gun cases, making them an ideal choice for pistol owners.

Gun Safes

If you own multiple firearms, you should consider a gun safe. Gun safes are ideal for securing and protecting your firearms. These safes come in sizes and an average-sized safe can house handguns as well as the long-range rifles like the assembled AR-10 rifle and still offer safety to other items of importance to you.They offer the same types of locking mechanisms as lock boxes, made of heavy gauge steel, and are large enough to hold several firearms of various sizes. Some safes can be as big as a closet.  Safes also meet all three criteria of safe gun storage: To prevent unauthorized use of the firearm, to protect a firearm from physical damage, and to deter theft.

As more people become gun owners, the need for safe gun storage becomes much more important. Many storage options are available and individual gun owners must decide what best meets their safety and security needs.