Tips for Booking Your Summer Holiday Work

With the Summer half term just around the corner, it is the time when many schools need to start planning for September.

Are you surprised? Well, the refurbishment and maintenance work that can be done over the Summer holidays in order to have a fresh start in September is something that should be considered right now. “By staying ahead in the game you can save both cost and time when it comes to your budget and decorating schedule,” says London commercial decorators.

Why Summer?

Because Summer Break is an ideal time for a school to undergo maintenance, whether it is structural or decorative. There are no daily lessons going on and the space is cleared away of all of the learning for the year. Actually, once the walls have been cleared it becomes obvious very quickly that it is imperative for the buildings to be freshened up. The reason why it is so important to be thinking about your redecorating right now is not only because you can get a great school decorator booked at this time. It also allows you to get a more accurate assessment of what your requirements are.

Getting Started

Planning is key. Getting your decorative plan formulated while the building is in a working state still means you are quite aware of all of the practical challenges that must be overcome. When a learning room is in an empty state it can be easy to allow those things to slip. Inventory that areas requiring attention, take the time to see how children interact with that space, and listen to any feedback that teachers give to you.

Decorative Knowledge

If this all seems like an overwhelming task, then at this stage bring a decorator in. We not only undertake painting and maintenance, we also use all of our years of experience to provide advice as well. It is useful for us to be able to see your space when it is in its working state. From there, we can come to a better understanding of how the space is used practically on a daily basis. We then will be able to make recommends for both your schedule and plan.

Summer Challenges

The Summer six week holiday is of course not a plain of absence like it used to be. Schools have evolved into being very commercial and clever in how they use their space. Good job administrators! This has led to school building often being hired out over traditional ‘down’ times to events, meetings, daycare schemes, and conferences. That can make for a hectic schedule making decorating seem more impossible when out of term than when school is in session.

How to Get Around This

For experienced decorators, it only presents a small challenge. Quite often external vents don’t use the entire building space, so discrete working and clever scheduling can allow a complete decorative refresh to occur without having to compromise the commercial appeal of the building. In that regard, work can dovetail with the other activities that might be occurring inside of your building. Convenient out of work schedules may even make it possible for you to start the activity prior to the term ending.

Cyclical Demands

It isn’t just about freshening the classroom up to prepare it for the next academic year’s new faces. School buildings take a great deal of strain and continue to age. So some area will need to have a lot more maintenance. Don’t attempt to do it all at the same time. This type of maintenance is more susceptible to unforeseen challenges arising, so you should stagger it.

When Have You Waited Too Long?

The good news is that it’s never too late! The process will most likely go faster and smoother if you start thinking about your maintenance and decoration right now. However, it won’t be the end of the old if you aren’t able to manage that. Since we do our work out of hours, that means we will be able to undertake the work during term time as well whenever you need it.