Top 4 Ways You Can Own Your First Teaching Job

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 If you are a teaching graduate fresh out of university, then looking for that perfect teaching job is next on your list; You have had the training, and have gained valuable experience at a placement setting, it is now time for you to get out there and apply for teaching jobs. If you have secured a few interviews at different schools, then all you can do is prepare and revert back to your training – here are the top 4 ways you can own your first teaching job.

Dress Smart

Make sure to buy new clothes, and shoes for your first day; this will give you a great first impression, and it will make you feel more confident too. Smart casual is the preferred dress code for a teaching role; it doesn’t need to be too smart, but modest – here are some top classroom appropriate outfit ideas.

Act Confident

Inside you might be feeling nervous and apprehensive, but you must look confident on the outside; if you appear nervous and unconfident, some students may take advantage of that and act up – not a good first impression. Appear confident and friendly, but also make it clear that they can not take advantage of you; be sure to keep your cool, and try not to shout, as there will be students that will try and push your buttons. A big part of being confident in your job is feeling comfortable in your workplace; if you have any concerns about your workplace, then you will need to inform your manager. It could be that you may need a new office chair if your current chair isn’t very comfortable; an Operator Chair could be a great option as they are comfortable and sturdy, and there are certainly many office furniture companies that sell Operator chairs for schools – this could be all you need to feel comfortable in your new work setting.

Be Fun and Interesting

A dull and uninteresting teacher is what all students dread – so don’t be that teacher! If you plan your lessons and create fun educational activities for the class, then it should be a piece of cake. If you want to get your new class on your side, then being able to have a bit of a laugh is a must; finding the balance of work and fun will ensure success with your students. If you are a young and fun teacher, you will most likely be more popular with your students, as they will be able to relate to you more.

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Be Passionate

The whole point of being a teacher is educating and growing your students, so this is something that you should feel passionate about; come up with creative activities to entertain the students, and lessons that are more unique. You will need to understand that every student is different, and so their ways of learning will be too; if a student doesn’t understand your teaching, then you will need to adapt to their way of learning. Some students prefer to not take notes and process the information, whilst others may prefer to write notes on everything you say; it’s important to help students identify their preferred learning method.